Friday, August 10, 2007

Iran's Women Taxi Service

This is not about restriction, nor segregation; it's about safety and creating economic opportunities.

Watch this video, and see for yourself how such services help women navigate their way into the social sphere! CNN also has a little clip on this. But as usual they spin it wrongly!

In any case, another evidence that Iran's Amazons are taking charge :)

Please also read RickB's take on this.


nunya said...

Wow, this is great news. As usual I couldn't watch Wolf Blitzer, so I'll take your word for it. He spins everything. Ahhh, what would the MSM be if it wasn't spinning, eh?

RickB said...

I watched both and the CNN crap made me write about it at mine. Women only taxis are growing all over the world because women need them to be safe from the less chivalrous men amongst us. CNN not only was nationalistic but sexist, no real surprise from Wolf Blitzer though.

Naj said...

Oh dear ones, let Wolf howl! There is just so much idiocy they can feed to people, human society will awaken in a very annoyed manner from CNN's numbing lullaby.

I shall read your post now!

What is important is that the guy who started the business in Iran, is already expanding it to the rest of the middle east!

RickB said...

Thanks for the link, although I've now realised I completely missed the chance for lots of Taxi Driver/deNiro puns, still I have fixed the typos. I can't wait for Wolf to get a chat show (and thus stop infecting 'news' shows) and call it "The Blitzkrieg" or maybe "Howlin' Wolf" per your comment. Lot's of dancing girls and he tells jokes, TV apocalypse!

Larry said...

CNN appears to be a mock version of Fox News and they both suck.

David said...

This sounds useful service. I'm glad it is providing economic opportunities for the women who drive the taxis and a feeling of safety for the women and children who use them. Maybe a service like this could work in the U.S. too.

Anon-Paranoid said...

And they probably drive better than the man do.

God Bless.