Monday, March 10, 2008


Will be back soon!


an average patriot said...

Great naj, Hope all is well!

Naj said...

HI Jim, Thanks.

Yes all is well and I am back and wondering whether i should blog about Fallon's resignation, or just ignore that the world around me exists :)



an average patriot said...

I was thinking about talking about this today myself.
Again it isn't funny but I have to laugh! Dismissing Admiral Fallon is the final step to Bush attacking Iran which as you know by now was only one of the original reasons for attacking Iraq.
He has to do it soon and all hell will break loose here and in the middle east. Then it gets much worse!
Anyway I have a son over there flying support right now and another going in a couple of weeks. What he is telling me about the status of the military is troubling but Bush the idiot doesn't care. The future???

an average patriot said...

I hope you got that. I just lost track of it. Just watch! Releasing Fallon is a prelude for Bush to attack Iran as was his original intention for attacking Iraq.
It isn't a coincidence that the chief instigator for attacking Iran is headed to the middle east this weekend to put up the facade for middle east Peace before they get this going.
Bush has yet to do his worst. Many do not like what I say but I have not been wrong yet and I will not be.
This as this facade of a nomination and election are continuing only to continue the facade of a Democracy! Take care,