Thursday, October 16, 2008

Israel Gets Real on Iran

Tony Karon:
The distinction between the apocalyptic rhetoric Israeli leaders use publicly in relation to Iran, and the more pragmatic view they hold among themselves on how to deal with Tehran and its nuclear program, has long been clear to anyone paying very close attention. In short, it’s clear that many of Israel’s key leaders don’t believe Iran is a suicidal ideologically-crazed regime that would risk destroying itself in order to destroy Israel, and therefore that even a nuclear-armed Iran would not be an “existential threat” to Israel, although clearly it would present a major strategic challenge by fundamentally reordering the balance of military force in the region. And of late, some of them have begun a gingerly but very clear retreat from the idea that Israel will have to bomb Iran’s nuclear facilities if no one else does — President Shimon Peres has said as much, publicly, and outgoing Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has echoed that position.
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goatman said...

I hope that you are right. Just remember that they have in the past bombed Iraqi and Syrian (alleged) nuclear installations. "Surgical strikes" I think they are called.

I think world is marching toward nuclear missles for everyone. I'm just glad I won't be around in this incarnation to witness it!

Naj said...


1) remember the mountains!
2) the distance
3) the countries they have to fly over to get to Iran (Turkey and Russia)
4) Iran's political stability (as much as Iranians bitch about the IRI, Iranian dictators are not Saddam-like and the country doesn't suffer an imbalance of power, e.g. minority of Sunnis ruling over majority of Shiites, as was the case in Iraq)
5) Israelis really do NOT want to attack Iran; they want to be the "super power" of the middle east. And if America is going to cut their weapon shipment (as Bush did), they are not going to risk America's wrath by confronting Iran.
6) As prospects of a new neoconservative rule is fading, Israel's bending to the direction of the wind! Little nations HAVE to be flexible if they are to survive! Neither Iran, nor Israel are suicidal.

Naj said...

sorry, I just naturally assumed ISrael will have his European allies attack Iran. They have to fly over Iraq! Impossible without American and Iraqi permission!

nunya said...

Hopefully Israel is getting the drift. Obama is looking good in the polls and that is a better option for the world than PTSD McPain.

The repugs are trying hard to steal it though. Their minions in the mainstream media just keep spwweing all the bs.
McCain is having trouble containing his little Frankenstein fans.

One of my election protection heroes will be on Bill Moyers tomorrow night.

Please watch it online afterwards?
You should be able to find the link from this page