Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Is Obama Just Window Dressing Zionism?

Kam Zarrabi raises alarm about the selection of Rahm Emanuel and Dennis Ross in Obama's administration:

Ever since his selection as Obama's Chief of Staff, dissident and anti-war web sites have been flushing out Emanuel's family background, personal history and political record, alarmed that he is among the most hawkish pro Israel activists in the US Congress, has Israeli citizenship and has served in the Israeli army. The Arab world, meantime, is now dismayed that hopes for a more compassionate or at least a more balanced new American administration under Barack Hussein Obama have been quite premature. Some observers and critics go as far as claiming that an Obama administration will prove to be more pro Israel than the Zionist-Neocon run Bush administration.

What has been equally alarming is the great likelihood that another zealot Zionist and pro Israel activist, Dennis Ross, will be Obama's advisor and front man in dealing with the Middle East and the Israeli-Palestinian issues.

No one could deny that Mr. Obama's appointees with regard to his foreign policy objectives in the Middle East have extreme pro Israel profiles and track record. At the same time, setting prejudice aside, neither Dennis Ross nor Rahm Emanuel could be classified as political ignoramuses bent on wreaking havoc for the sake of some blind passion for the Jewish state; they must know as much as the best of us, and perhaps more.

So, what is it that we critics know and Rahm Emanuel and Dennis Ross must also know?

  • The power and influence of the Israel lobby over any American administration, whether Democrat or Republican, cannot be denied, over exaggerated, ignored or neutralized anytime soon.
  • Sentiment for Israel is so deeply entrenched within the American consciousness that any open criticism of Israel or its policies is viewed with suspicions of bigotry and anti-Semitism.
  • Being a Moslem or showing any sympathy toward the Islamic world, especially by any politician seeking a position or attempting to implement national policies is tantamount to political suicide.
  • Israel can, if its leaders so choose, rationalize and ultimately legitimize any act of aggression, as it has numerous times, in the name of self-defense, all with impunity from international condemnations, as long as it can find sanctuary under the protection of the United States.
  • Any Israeli aggression in the Middle East will automatically implicate and involve the United States; the Israeli leadership is counting on that, and the American administration is fully aware of all the ramifications thereto.

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MarcLord said...


remember, it was Nixon who visited China. Obama is keeping his friends close, his enemies closer. Emanuel would've become Speaker of the House in two years. Now, Obama has payed back the Chicago political machine, appeased the Israel lobby, and Emanuel almost refused the position because he knows he's going to be scheduling meetings for the next 4 years.

O is creating some space in which he can hash out a treaty and open up relations. Maybe.

Naj said...


I know! I trust this version of politics; and in Obama's shoes I would have done the same. The last think he needs to look like (to he mass idiocy that plagues the US of A--sorry, but 46% of people voting for a ticket with Palin, DOES qualify as mass idiocy, in my very judgmental opinion ;)) a 'radical'!
So I am sure he is rejoicing in the expressed disappointment of the leftists in Emanuel. Personally, I like Emanuel. He is clever and "elitist" ... enough of governments being run by peasants!


MarcLord said...


I completely despise Emanuel, but must admit he's smart and effective as hell. I sure hope Obama knows what he's doing. Eventually went back and read the whole article you pointed to, it was excellent.

I pray you are well, and improving.

Naj said...

Thanks Marc. I am very well indeed; thank you.

I didn't say it; but the Zarrabi article overlooked the fact that Obama picked a pro-Iran senator as his running mate.

At some point, both Persians and Jews have to put aside their paranoia about the world outside ;)

MarcLord said...

Yes, and I haven't been sure how much to read Iran into the Biden choice, but I think O is going to set up a Cabinet capable of arguing with itself. Certainly Biden is a great sign, and O (again, in my opinion) will rely on him as a foreign policy consiglieri.