Thursday, March 3, 2011

The little kids who beat protesters.

Poor kids.

This boy is hardly 12. He is holding a baton. On the green ribbon he is wearing, a large logo or IRGC is printed or embroidered. This picture is taken by a Fars-News (i.e. Ahmadinejad mercenary) photographer.

These "poor" people, who are apparently the 'popular base of Ahmadinejad', have little ideological faith in him. But, the pimp, the whore pimp, the drug crook, the IRGC is the one who recruits and pays these kids.

In a country with insufferable unemployment rates, with epidemic addiction problem, it is easy to find recruits who are paid from the 11 billion dollars missing from the country's budget.

And yet, the journalists who are beaten out of the country, worry about the fate of these little kids, these Basijis.

Ahmadinejad is promoting "procreation"; the more poor people at the mercy of his handouts, the more robots to beat and oppress voices of reason.

I am beginning to wonder the validity of claims that liken him to Hitler. But, the saving grace of Iran, unlike Weimar Germany, is that Iranians are political-minded from the cradle, and government-cynic from grade-one in school. We shall reign them in.


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[sorry, off topic] what is this song about, please? I sense a great sadness.


P.S. If things change in a not too distant future, that little boy may have a chance to outgrow this terrible period in his young life. As you say, woe unto those who have polluted this young soul.