Saturday, June 18, 2011

This I find offensive, viscerally!

That after filling an appointment form (e.g. MD Anderson) you read:

"Medical and financial eligibility need to be established prior to confirming an appointment."


Guido Zichichi said...

hi naj! your blog is very very interesting! do you live in tehran? i'm coming there this summer... and I'll write about it on my blog!

David G said...

Hey, Naj, how are you?

Sorry I haven't been visiting of late but I've been flat out with saving the world (he laughs hollowly).

I see you're still working away, trying to bring some sense and structure into this crazy world in your inimitable style.

I trust you are well and happy, well, as happy as someone who is involved in being involved in a difficult rescue mission.

Take care!

goatman said...

This is a world known cancer center and most US citizens are treated.
I cannot understand this statement by them.