Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Iranian terrorists being the headline news?!?

Seriously; uncle Sam, what is behind all this?!

Need excuse for Saudi-pimped war-mongering?!

A couple of Iranians subcontracting a Mexican drug ring to do their dirty jobs?! I always thought they are master-terrorists, according to your allegations of their bombing in Argentina and Saudi Arabia and etc.!!! So now, the master-terrorists have become so STUPID to subcontract their dirty jobs?!! This looks more like an MKO- or Mossad-inspired conspiracy to put the political and military screws on Iran.

Juan Cole counts a few much-repeated-by-MSM "facts" about one of these big bad terrorists.
And here's another account by Tehran Bureau's Mohammad Sahimi, an ardent opponent of the IRI, who finds these charges unbelievable.



Anonymous said...

Muhammad Sahimi is the farthest thing from "an ardent critic" of the Islamist regime. He holds the National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC) professorship at USC. Moreover, in his writings he has consistently advocated for two diehard Khomeinist devotees (to this very day), i.e. former IRI PM Mousavi and former IRI Majles speaker Karroubi as leaders of "Iran's democracy movement".

Naj said...

well I am sorry to disagree with you; the former IRI PM and parliament speaker are currently in jail, imprisoned without even being charged or tried, BECAUSe of their "ardent criticism" of the current regime.

I do not share your view that anyone who has had any position in the khomeini's IRI is an evil doer.

Anonymous said...

Karroubi and Mousavi criticize the government NOT the Khomeinist regime. They are still fanatically devoted to Khomeini to this very day and have proclaimed their wish to return to "Doraan-e Talaee-yeh Emam". Mousavi was also IRI prime minister from 1981 - 1989, which is the most intense period of government killing, jailing, torture, and rape in perhaps several centuries of Iranian history. Stalin also jailed and even executed many of his former Leninist comrades who themselves had committed immense crimes-- does that make those men decent or heroic by the fact that their former associate jailed or executed them?

nunya said...

I'm so sick of the "let's go to war with Iran" BS in the mainstream US news that I don't even pay attention any more. Come to think of it, there's a lot I don't pay attention to in the corporate funded news any more.