Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Obama's Nowrouz message, another wasted opportunity

I am starting to think MORONS are writing Obama's Iran-related speeches. Listen to this and then read the comment an Iranian wrote in response to this inappropriate RUDE message.

So, Mr Obama is assuming that because Iranians were the first to start a 'twitter' revolution, then giving them internet is the ultimate candy they need to overthrow the regime? IS HE INSANE?

On the NEW YEAR EVE? On the occasion of Norouz, he has the audacity to come before the camera, and address us and say "although we have imposed CRIPPLING sanctions (that are strangling Iran's ECONOMY and THUS ruining the middle classes who are the driving force behind reforms and democracy), but we are giving millions to communication propaganda and internet infrastructure so you can talk to us in our virtual embassy!"

Bloody hell!

Mister Obama, screw the virtual embassy, why don't you instruct those who are running Iranian's counsel affairs in Ankara, Beirut and Abu Dhabi, to facilitate such cultural exchanges by not treating like criminals, our brothers and sisters and old parents who want nothing but to spend a summer, spending their hard earned Dollars on the American economy!! could you be ANY MORE insincere than that? And do you really assume that you can FOOL us with this insincere message, and make us love and trust you? Forgive me, President, every time I listen to one of your little speeches, I am filled with disgust and distrust!

Don't you have proper Iranians who can GUIDE you how to write speeches? And didn't you listen to us when we said, last year, that you flopped?

And I am not alone in hating your speech. Here's what another Iranian says:

I translate and I BEG the White House to read this:

"Your Excellency, Mr president Obama, thank you for greeting us on the occasion of Norouz while you are full force busy with trying to break the economic back of the IRanians people, fully aware that these sanctions will have little impact on the policies of the Iranian government, just as it has been ineffective in the past too!! Thank you for rescuing our hostages while humiliating our nation with threat of war! Thank you for talking about the right of our people to access free internet and satellite without hinting at what is the cause of this problem! Is it not that you have ruthlessly, without attention to the cultural bed of other nations, have besieged them culturally and politically; and with a disproportionate media power are intent on winning the media war whether you are right or wrong? And why don't you mention why China and many other countries are forced to filter you out in order to not have to deal with the cultural and political prematurity of their countries? Why don't you mention why you don't let nations to evolve at their own pace, in a smooth bed and calmly; and why is tension what you seek for other nations most often? And why don't you pack up and leave the Middle East? Mister President, thanks for thinking of us, and from a list of different needs that we have in science, technology, energy, medicine and cancer drugs and many other essential things, whose sanctions is killing hundreds of Iranians, you are most concerned about our people's interactions with the world?!! ... and much more ... Go! God bless your father's spirit! Happy Eid to you too! Have a wonderful year! Say hi to Michelle and kids too!"


nunya said...


You know how a lot of Americans don't understand that Ahmadinejad has less real power than Khamenei?

Looks like a lot of Iranians don't understand that Obama doesn't have a lot of power over the Senate and House combined, especially when you factor in the power that AIPAC has over campaign contributions to congressmembers up for re-election.

Naj said...

Well, he is a representative of AMerican politics, collectively. It's not about his person; it's about the America he represents.

When Bush was in the office you kept pointing out he was elected by fraud.

Now, you say that Obama has no power.

So, what does this say about AMERICAN DEMOCRACY?!

nunya said...

There are a lot of people who are really disappointed by what Obama promised and did not produce. I never expected miracles from Obama because I know how fucked up the system is.

Bush worked well in the disgustingly corrupt system that is American politics.

A lot of us had hope that Obama would try to change the system, and that is what his rhetoric indicated.

Alas, most of it was just rhetoric, although he is struggling to re-regulate the banking system and he's getting cock blocked by banksters with campaign contributions for congressmen in the committees that control whether legislation ever gets to be voted on!

david g said...

Obama is a puppet. Others are pulling his strings, Generals and Corporate CEOs and Aipac.

The next puppet is lining himself up and then we'll get more of the same.

Same merry-go-round. Different music!