Saturday, June 23, 2012

Apple's ability to Think Different has gone South!

"Think Different!", huh?

So Steve Jobs dies and Apple goes on a new media rampage!
By denying, in the (may I say redneck) state of Georgia, the purchasing right of an iPad to a couple of Iranian-American college students.
Because they spoke "Farsi" (Persian)!

Let's forget about the IRAN/US crap for now. I am going to put my Apple-Analyst hat on and try to comprehend what is it they are after now? The "republican" market? For years, Apple boasted itself as the brand of the "elite left", the artists, the eccentrics, the posh, the cool, those who ran against a "1984" big-brother view of the world. THINK DIFFERENT was their motto.

And now, by this legally unjustified action (because it is not the business of any stupid vendor to APPLY the law) Apple is after a new market segment?

I am a fan of their products; I also have a great appreciation for the cultural revolution that is brought about by many of their innovations (or more accurately, their visionary marketing of stolen innovations). However, as of last week I feel SHAME to be holding my Apple products; and I will certainly put on hold the purchase order of iPads for the upcoming birthdays of my nieces in Iran, and my family in America ... and, I will NOT purchase my new MacBook Pro either unless they come up with a profuse apology.

I think this may be a great opportunity for some competing non-American brands to kick in and convince me to buy their product now, I have a tall gift-order.


goatman said...

Never bought Apple; was always a DOS jockey. . . So I know not of which you speak.

Anonymous said...

ooooh they will go bankrupt, after your "media rampage"?

goatman said...

I am always surprised that the concept of freedom is so easily forgotten. Man has a right in US to his own actions, however hurtful or petty they may be. If druggist does not agree with girls' belief on birth control he does not have to sell her the pills -- she has the right certainly to go elsewhere and maybe spread the word of druggist's small mind to others. Nazi haters have the right to march in the streets and wave their hateful flags. We don't have to like it or attend the spectacle, but Nazi skinhead has the right to propose his hate.

It's called "Freedom".