Thursday, July 24, 2014

Even the "oppressed" Iranians are protesting to the recent Gaza massacres

And is the women in the front row the mother of Ashkan Sohrabi?
And is is Isa Saharkhiz who is standing next to Jafar Panahi?
You know who is not protesting? Some of the "self-acclaimed Iranian's human right defenders " (the sort who gets into frenzy to collect signatures to stop execution of this or that), and is on some form of Democracy-fund payroll!


kellie said...

Your charge of hypocritical selectivity would count for more if you’d ever written anything about the Iranian government’s part in Assad’s mass-murder of Syrians AND Palestinians. So, a hypocritical charge of hypocrisy Naj?

Naj said...

Oh Kellie, over the years your name spelling has changed, or you are a new troll? I had kind of missed you honey bun!

I am sure it serves Israel perfectly well to be working relentlessly to portray Muslims as blood-thirsty self-annihilating fools. And to be quite frank, right now it seems like that.

But if you have noticed; I am in general not too moved by the "rebellion" causes that are seeded and supported by Usrael. The conflict in Russia, in Syria, in Iraq and in Afghanistan are of that category.

I think people who should be ashamed of themselves are those who vehemently protested to Assad's heavy hand against "fundamentalist" rebels, but are supporting Netanyahu's heavy hand against a so-propagated fundamentalist (resistance) movement called Hamas.

Another thing you may want to get across your little book-of-propaganda, or have your grown-ups help you with, is that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is directly linked to the Western policy/politics. Israel is the "problem" of US, Canada, and some European countries. Syria is not. I Syria, different factions of a country were going at eachother. In Palestine, a super-power is going against a group of IMPRISONED and innocent civilians.

I don't give a DAMN what the government of Iran is doing or not doing right now. I suspect they are doing nothing because they are focused on the nuclear negotiations (another topic that this deadly assault on Gaza is trying to derail, or at least take advantage of, by genocidal intensions). And this is why I am drawing attention to Iranian DISSIDENTS who are imprisoned and disenfranchised by the Iranian government, protesting to Israeli genocide of Palestinians.

Now you play elsewhere; your troll duties must be pretty heavy these days--but you are losing this media war. Throw in the towel and go wave an olive branch!

Good girl!

kellie said...

Fine, you make yourself clear: You are just like the conspiracy nuts who said the 2009 Green protests were the work of the CIA or Mossad or whatever, who preferred fantasy over any facts inconvenient to their ideology.

And no, my name has always been spelled like this. If you’re confused you can Google.

Naj said...

Speaking of amnesia, you seem to suffer it more pathologically.

How you are knotting the "green" movement to the massacre in Gaza beats my logic.

But go play elsewhere.

Whereas the neo-cons have made a major investment in hijacking the green movement, and whereas they managed to put quite a few figures on the payroll, in the form of various funds, scholarships and fancy jobs in various institutes in the US, Canada and the Netherlands, but as this picture is showing the CORE of the green movement remains independent from "the democracy funders" ... when Israel and US massacre in Gaza, they take to street ... and that is the REAL GREEN movement; not those who jumped on board when it was fashionable and then turned into puppets when THE PEOPLE OF IRAN decided to go purple.

kellie said...

I’m not making any connection between the Green movement and the killing in Gaza; I’m making a connection between your conspiracy theory that the conflict in Syria is “seeded and supported by Usrael”, and similar nuttiness from conspiracy theorists in 2009.

Remember this? Your post on misguided leftist responses to the 2009 protests:

Here’s Nader Hashemi speaking last month:

In my reading, some Iranian intellectuals and pro-democracy activists don’t want to do their homework and suffer from a particular form of intellectual laziness with respect the conflict in Syria. This is not a uniquely Iranian problem as we have seen a similar phenomenon among many European and American intellectuals—especially those on the Left where the list is long and undistinguished. So I completely understand why Syrians are angry at the Iranian regime and at Iran generally. Ask yourself today: Where are the Iranian voices that are publically expressing solidarity with the Syrian Revolution? Sadly, they are very few.

None of this changes anything about what Israel’s government is doing in Gaza, but when you criticise others for not protesting about Gaza, consider your own silence on Syria; your own silence on your government’s part in killing Syrian and Palestinian adults and children. And when you call Israel “the most criminal, UN-defying, genocidal” government in the Middle East, as you did in an earlier post..

.. consider what you are denying in that assertion: the ongoing slaughter of not hundreds or thousands, but over a hundred thousand people, maybe twice that, by the Assad regime working hand in hand with Iran’s government.

Naj said...

I fully agree with "some Iranian intellectuals and pro-democracy activists don’t want to do their homework and suffer from a particular form of intellectual laziness with respect the conflict in Syria. "

And confess to be guilty as charged.

I do not understand Syria, right now there are three factions killing eachother and I still don't get it.

It is a nice try to "white wash" the bloody hands of Israel with Assad; but this is comparing apples and oranges.

Right now, Netanyahu is bombing a besieged people; while ISraelis cheer on their rooftops when > 800 Palestinians are killed. For this to happen under the Assad dictatorship is one thing; but for it to happen in the "only democracy of the middle east" is quite another thing.

Don't congratulate yourself on being deflective, Zionist troll!

If you have something to say about Gaza, do. Else, wait until I figure out what is happening in Syria. All I see is a lot of condemnation coming from the US; but it is insincere for the US does not give a damn about lives when it is that of Palestinains.

Also, you may have learned that throwing the word "conspiracy theory" gets people "scared" to be considered "nuts". Another one of those increasingly debunked notions--thanks to Wikileaks and Edward Snowden!

kellie said...

I recommend reading Nader Hashemi and I’m a Zionist troll? You really are an idiot at times, Naj. You can’t even get my gender right, never mind getting my politics. Next time Google first.

radius said...

Hi Naj, just in case you suspect that Kellie is a re-incarnation of me, Radius, with whom you had an argument about a year ago, just let me ensure you: Kellie is not the only one who refuses to follow the Aljazeera propaganda machinery, and there is also no reason to call her a troll.
I think she is perfectly right with everything she says.
I want to add just a single idea: If people request "Free Palestine", I can only imagine that Israel will free Palestine. It will free the Palestine people from a criminal, mafiotic, terrorist, stupid, hypocratic gang called Hamas. If there is anybody responsible for the > 1000 civilian victims, it is this internationally declared "Terrorist Organisation". And when you say that Israel is the problem of the US, the West, Russia and so on, and I tell you that they are all happy that Israel is doing the job of eliminating this terrorist murder gang Hamas. They deploy the civilians of Gaza to serve as living barriers for their rocket launchers, they deploy hospitals and even UN-schools and shelters to hide their arms of mass-destruction. How stupid is this Hamas, how long they want to fool the world with their fairy tales of innocent victims. They are the problem, and they are a scourge for the people of Palestine, because they take them as hostages and missuses them, children, women, elderly, as living weapons. The only happy Palestinians I ever met where those living as citizens of Israel.
best regards, Radius

Naj said...


You may choose to remain a fool, or you may choose to remain blind, or you may choose to go on with you hollow propaganda, and ignore the FACT that Israel is committing acts of genocide; and what they call self-defense is nothing more than COLONIAL EXPANSIONISM FUELED BY RELIGIOUS BIGOTRY!

But Your propaganda, and your lies have become transparent ... I am sorry that with the position that you and your ilk have adopted, you are fueling the fires of anti-semetism; just in the same way that the Islamic extremists are fueling the fires of Anti-islamism ...

But I have no time to waste on trolls like you or Kellie.

Go play with the gullible!

kellie said...

For the record, I don’t agree with Radius in placing all responsibility on Hamas. While Hamas (and its sponsors in Iran) are responsible for deliberately inciting violence, and deliberately targeting civilians in Israel, and recklessly endangering civilians in Gaza, and while Israel has every right to defend its own citizens, Israel has choices and responsibilities in how it responds. In the current little war, some of those choices seem indefensible.

Naj said...

Radius, this is for you>

Kellie, you can enjoy it too.

Naj said...

this too:

Maya M said...

You say the conflict in Russia was seeded and supported by Israel? I guess you have never lived in a country ruined by Russia (such as mine).
Those whose countries and lives have been ruined by Russia don't need Israel to tell them that they need to resist Russian interference. They'd also disagree with you about Western values.
As for the relatives of murdered freedom fighters who support the Gazans - people sometimes find strange ways to cope with loss, so I'm not blaming them, but I find the event a poor prognostic sign for Iran's future. I mean, the struggle against an authoritarian regime has a good chance to succeed only with a rock-solid ethical ground. Just let someone distract you with "Hate group X" slogans, and your energy is sucked and your morale is eroded.