Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Let's negotiate!

If I was a cartoonist, I would draw a Greek oracle and a Persian poet, towering over Merkel holding a stash of cash and Kerry hugging Israel as a crying baby holding a nuclear missile as a toy, and saying "ok kids, let's negotiate."

But I am not!

So I have this to say:

First, I agree with Zarif that this was an unnecessary crisis over nothing. 

Second, I don't understand who decides that a fatwa against Salman Rushdi is a 'serious' deal, but a fatwa against nuclear weapons is not!

Third, I believe the sanctions on Iran have been unjustified; and the blockade of Iranian assets has been illegal; all attempts to bring a growing regional power to its knees. And I think the deal we are getting today is a testament to the failure of those who have tried to isolate Iran; this is a deal to share the pie from which China and Russia and India have been nibbling. All the talks about nuclear 'crisis' are nonsense. 

That said, Iranians have displayed yet again that theirs is a nation of PEACE; and they stand in stark contrast to their war mongering counterparts, Saudi Arabia (who is bombing men and women in Yemen) and Israel (who was bombing men and women in Gaza last year).

It is now up to Americans to hold their congress accountable to PEACE AND REASON and to rescue their political system from a corrupt system that allows Yehuda Ben-Meir, head of the National Security and Public Opinion Project at Tel-Aviv say:  "The biggest challenge will be mustering enough Democratic votes to override any Obama veto".


kellie said...

Iran, the nation of peace – one day we hope. For now, here are Iran’s jets bombing Syrians.


Naj said...

Oh Shit, I thought Bombing Syria was the exclusive right of Americans (http://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/in-syria-the-united-states-is-bombing-friend-and-foe-alike/2014/10/02/28bac60a-499f-11e4-b72e-d60a9229cc10_story.html) and Israelis (http://www.theguardian.com/world/2015/apr/26/israel-air-strike-syria-militants) ! How dare!

You are one ridiculous troll! :)

Naj said...

America bombs friends and foe in Syria

Israel bombs Syria

kellie said...

You tried to make some point about Iran being unlike all these other countries that drop bombs.

I pointed out you were deluding yourself.

And your response is to say “but other countries drop bombs too!”

You have become an apologist for fascism, Naj. “Peaceful” Iran is backing a dictator in this century’s deadliest war so far, and you’re reduced to the ridiculous “but Israel and the US bomb people too”. You should be ashamed.

Here’s some more reading for you, from a Syrian writing today. http://www.maysaloon.org/2015/07/pan-arabists-and-iran-deal.html

Naj said...

Yeah, America did well to create ISIS when defeating this 'dictator' and the previous one, Saddam!

kellie said...

This has been going on since 2011, Naj. By this point your ignorance is clearly a deliberate choice on your part.

When the Iranian government imprisoned and killed Iranians in 2009 you lamented the Leftists who deliberately wallowed in ignorance. Now Iran helps Assad kill thousands upon thousands of Syrians and you play stupid games of putting quotes around the word dictator.

Haven’t you one honest word left to say?

Naj said...

All I say is honest. I am not the one who is playing the game here, a number of murderous war mongering nations, the chief of which is Israel, and the other new kids in the block, the Saudi Arabians bombing in Yemen, are.

I am sorry that you zionist feelings are hurt that Mr Netanyahu has made a fool of himself and the entire Jewish cause. Live with it; and lay off of Iran!