Sunday, December 10, 2006


I have been suffering 24 tormented hours. First I was suggested to be propagandist for claiming Iranians to be the first civilians to suffer chemical warfare (comments deleted per request of the commentator who convinced me I misunderstood her.) The commentator pointed me to the wikipedia's article about chemical weapons and a history traced back to the Stone Age (literally). I was reminded that to claim that Iranians were the first to suffer chemical war, would be offensive to others who have also suffered chemical war during the WWI, for example. I maintain that Iranians are the first to have suffered chemical bombs, and I am sure this is not offensive to the Japanese who have suffered the Atomic bomb, nor to the Vietnamese who have suffered Napalm bombs. To claim justice for one who has suffered atrocity does not mean others do not deserve justice. To be the first or the last to have suffered an atrocity also doesn't weigh much on the fact that such atrocities should not be suffered, by no one, at no time, period!

To emphasize on the "first"ness of the Iranian's suffering WMD in "recent" years, however, is important in the context of allegation of Iran's ambition to develop its own WMD. First of all, WMDs are bad, no matter in whose hands. But, secondly, the Americans seem to have been the only ones who have used them most extensively in the past few years since the WWII. So, speaking of danger and threat, perhaps the US of A can disarm before demanding the victims of its bullying to not claim means of deterring Ameircan militarist, cultural and economic hegemony!

How is it that when Germans exterminate the Jews, they get to have their own state, their own nuclear and chemical weapons to save them from all the enemies who may one day want to exterminate them again. But when Iranians fall victim to the silence of international community when they are gassed to death, they are prevented from wishing to defend themselves? And my usual question again, whom has Iran attacked in its modern history other than its own politically dissident civilians?

I would love to hear your comments about this. and I may post a new piece on this at some point.

But that wasn't all.

I later on stumbled across some horror pictures of an 8-years old Iranian boy's arm being crushed under the wheels of a car. The pictures and the story literally turned my stomach upside down and my mental state down side up!

These pictures are of a STUNT SHOW not of Shari'a punishment of an 8-years old boy stealing bread! (Bread in Iran is cheap! And in Iran, people do feed the hungry, if the hungry ask! And that is a rule of culture, high class, low class, fundamentalist, liberal, no matter what shape of Iranian culture one practices, people are brought up to be fully aware of even enemy's need for bread and water. And I am willing to face anyone who challenges me on that!

Has anyone noticed the man speaking into a microphone? The look of leisure? The proximity of spectators? The absence of agony on the so called victim's face? So for those who seek images of of child punishment in Iran, and who stumble across this blog, I have a little information to give. Children in Isalm, and in Iranian culture, are supposed to be treated with care and tenderness. If a grownup drinks in presence of a thirsty child, the grown up will go to hell, say the grandmothers to generations of young Iranians who grow up to be adult ones!

To me, it is disturbing that this child has to work, that this child has to be part of his family's economy. Yes child labor is a cruel option, but it is not more cruel than starving to death! No parent wants to send their children to work. So I also advise the crocodile tears for child labor wiped please! Perhaps, to prevent child labor the economy of the lesser nations can be helped and the traces of colonization can be wiped! Perhaps Americans would think of child labour when they threaten to impose economic sanctions on Iran and other countries.

To whoever thinks the red capital letters are propagandist exercise I declare:

I am fighting an orchestrated campaign of disinformation that is launched against my country.

I invite you to read some of the comments on Little green football's blog.
The blogger has since (November 2005) removed the pictures and updated the site about the true nature of those pictures that I have posted above. But I cannot help being disappointed by the number of commentators who have jumped the gun with their accusation of Muslim's violence!

( by the way, I just turned the TV on, some British youth have just beaten up a businessman to death. Shall I declare the british culture violent?!)

I am sorry I am angry. I hardly get this angry. But the campaign of disinformation about Iran MUST stop, and we Iranians need to not wait for stigmas to settle as permanent tattoos on our behinds!


homeyra said...

First I am happy that all this was a stunt, though as I told you some primitive rulings do happen.
Now look at this:
Do you think they teach somewhere how to distort the "descripted" sounding "nonpartisan" and sort of scientific at the same time?

naj said...

wow, this is a pathetic site.
Iran has small pockets of Baha’i, Turkmen, Christian, and Jewish communities, but its primary ethnic minorities are:azeris, kurds, arabs, baluchs

Have I been ignorant all my life to not know Turkmen is a "religion"?

I think they have published some highschool kid's term paper!

e said...

The two day conference on the Holocaust is not going to help Iran's image either.
If you are worried about how Iran is perceived a multi front assault is needed. Because of true things like the conference, people find it easier to believe the many lies circulated.

naj said...

hi e, thanks for reminding me. Yes I will post a link about the conference. Because I think the world that praises itself for exercise fo freedom of speech and democracy, should really not prevent anyone from talking about Holocaust.

I think all opinions need to be expressed, and people have the right to judge for themselves what makes sense and what is nonesense.
(but you know that since I am an avid defender of your right to comment on behemoth an sophia's blog)

e said...

Who is preventing them? They are actually doing it. It just reflects very badly on them. It is not an issue of freedom of speech.

In Israel, holocaust denial is legal, but holocaust deniers are considered rabid antisemites. This is how most of the western world sees Iran now. Again it is a public relations issue, not a freedom of speech issue. It is just a big mistake by the Iranians that will hurt their image for many years.