Thursday, December 7, 2006

How Do Women Campaign for Election in Iran?

Syma Sayyah expresses her objective of running for Tehran City council as such:

I have put my name down as a candidate for the Tehran City Council election on 15th December (24th Azar). Many people have asked me why. The reason is simple. People from my kind of background have mostly withdrawn from public participation, and yet this city of over nine million needs all the help that it can get. The City council elections are supposed to be completely non-political. But many parties have put forward their candidates in order to put their own policies forward or gain points rather than back what is best for Tehran and the citizens who live there.

I am standing, as an independent candidate, to support the concerns of those who
may be considered the westernized, educated, technocratic citizens of this big city.

Update: Sophia asks if this picture reminds anyone of King Kong! :)


Sophia said...


When I saw the poster of this caniddate it reminded of something familiar but I was not able to tell what exactly. I just found it now, it reminds me of the poster of the first King Kong movie...

naj said...



I just found her pose to be ridiculous!

Felipe said...

I hope she win.