Monday, January 29, 2007

Memory cannot be imposed through the criminal code

I came across a survey: Should Holocaust denial be considered a crime or not?

The title of this post is a quotation of Fabio Mussi, Italy's education minister, who disagrees with criminalization of Holocaust denial. He said Thursday he didn't think "memory can be imposed through the criminal code." "It is necessary to 'feel' the memory in order to reject the negation of horror," he added. (source:>

I also came across:

Norman Finkelstein the Author of:

debating (and debunking) Alan Dershowitz.
Well, okey am I going to spend time figuring out who Alan Dershowitz is? The video above gives a glimps.


Saa said...

Its good to hear the both sides. There should be round-table meeting held in Europe and every nation and religion should bring their open proofs and opinions, in this way one can see who is really wrong and right.

Sophia said...

Did you watch this one ? Gorgeous. Dershowitz is a harvard university professor and if you visit Finkelsteins site you will know a lot about the man. He is a fraud. Actually he was the lawyer of O.J. Simpson and he is a staunch defender of israel. He defends specifically Israel,s record on Human rights the way he was able to acquit O.J. Simpson. However, the guy is helpless when it comes to issues on the ME. He does not even know the story of the region and is only a mouthpiece to Israeli propaganda. And as you know, only israel defenders are considered good ME experts in the US.

Sophia said...

Another thing on the criminalisation of Holocaust denial, a group of French scholars and jurists have opposed France's parliament attempt at criminalising the denial of the Armenian genocide on the basis that official history must come out from research and rigourous academic work and not from parliamentary decrees...

naj said...

Hi sophie

Just imagine, a world in which anyone who says "go away, it's impossible" will end up in jail :))

Re ME experts, well of course Israel supporters are the only ME experts; they are experts in creating havoc in the ME!