Wednesday, January 31, 2007

We Are Iran?

Society itself, not the government, creates change. And there are deep transformations occurring in Iran. Out of sight of much of the world, Iran is inching its way towards democracy.”
- Emaddedin Baghi, an Iranian journalist
(source: Fatemeh Amini)

Here some excerpts that I selected from Amini's review:

“I hate war. I hate the liberating soldiers that trample your soil, home, young and old under their boots. Believe me I love freedom. But that you have to make yourself free. No one else can free you.”

“Death to everybody!
Death to America! Israel! Britain! Imperialism!... Death to your mother, aunt, and sister too!... Death! Death! Death! They have been chanting Death to America and Israel for 25 years… and what have these useless leaders achieved?... Israel is still the bully of the neighborhood and the Palestinians are swamped in misery…. But I can’t get over how we Iranians today are considered the most fanatical people in the world-all because of a bunch of nit-ridden illiterate mullahs… When I was growing up, Haji Yousef, the mullah who used to teach us the Koran.. Would say that ‘Moses taught us wisdom, Jesus love and Mohamed life’… so where did all these death chants come from?”

“Yesterday I bought a turquoise ring…They say it brings you happiness… I didn’t let my boyfriend buy it… I bought it myself. I wanted to be the creator of my own happiness, beauty and freedom… The era of fairy-tale heroes has come to an end.”



homeyra said...

Thank you Naj! Interesting. Touching, linking to it.

Saa said...

I agree with Homeyra its very touching post. May West will see how millions of Muslims people hate the wars and love peace for everyone.

naj said...

Yes saa, it's a pitty that message doesn't get across.

It's a pity that our mainstream media kept replay the images of a few children cheering the 911 as proof of the Muslim's animosity and nver showed even one image of the Iranian youth holding candle light vigils in condemnation of the event ( I am sure these gestures happened in the arab world too, but I am not familiar with other countries. But I think it is important for these stories to get out)

HopeSpringsATurtle said...

Great quotes, well done. The entire ME has been unendingly demonized and it's great to have get another perspective. I just got al-Jazeera English and their tske on things is so much different the the MSM in the US. Thanks for coming by my place, come back anytime.

Saa said...

Naj,I agree with you. Iran has oil, and West needs that, its the only fault you guys have. They wont listen you as they intentionally do not want to listen you. They need ONLY oil, do your voice run their economy or its your oil which can help them?

And UN has bunch of donkeys, hell they are so powerless.

Anyway if you like please participate in discussion, its about sanction on Iran,-and-the-U.S.-refuses-direct-negotiations.html#comments

naj said...

hi saa,

I did take a look at the debate. Yet it made me quite angry and so I did express my anger too.

It's so easy to abstract a country into a name, with some simple attributes, and then to decide for/about it like a piece of chess.

thanks for the link.

F2H said...

"But I can’t get over how we Iranians today are considered the most fanatical people in the world-all because of a bunch of nit-ridden illiterate mullahs… "

On my side, as an American, I'm going to try and do as much as I can to dispel these prejudices. Most my close friends in high school were first generation Americans whose parents came from places like Pakistan, Vietnam, Korea and Iran. I still remember the parents of my Iranian friend and what good people they were.

You have a good blog here. I think the millions of voices on the internet may ultimately prove to have a much larger impact on the world than we might believe right now.

Id it is said...

I liked your quotes and more importantly I so admire you for
asserting yourself as the creator of your 'happiness, beauty, and freedom'! May more women across the world think like you do, and the world will stand redeemed.