Saturday, September 6, 2008

"This" is neoresistance. Too.


Morteza Mirgholami said...

What do you thing about this documentary maker- Nahid Persan?

Watching her first documentary here in SBS channel made me vomit. What a propogandist. I don't know how these people allow themselves to be representative of Iranian women while they never are in a position to understand their pains,demands and will. they better go and enjoy their coffee with their intelectual friends some where in Netherland and read books like "reading Lolita in Tehran".

Morteza Mirgholami said...

Nahid Persson

David G said...

Hey, Naj, great to see you still beating the truth drum. It can be wearing but we must continue to get our message out before it's too late.

Hopefully a change in the White House will lessen tensions but I'm not holding my breath. After all, all the contenders come straight out of the corrupt American political stable.

Naj said...


I don't know her. But, unfortunately, may Iranian women have not seen "offside"! ;)

This is a film that talks about many of bitter truths of being a woman in Iran; but it is also highlighting the POWER of women in bringing about the change!

In fact, Iranian cinema of the past decade has been RELENTLESS in showing the Iranian women's power.

Let them propagate their version of truth ... we have to reflect our views and they theirs ... they get paid to propagate bullshit; people like me get snubbed both here adn in Iran ... "I" am in the offside ... but i will push ahead ...

David, thanks :)

littleindian said...

I apologise Naj,
this message too is in 'offside' position.

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I have nominated your blog for it.
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If it causes inconvenience, I do apologise. You will find I have modified the original rules, you do not have to continue the chain if you do not wish to.

But I sincerely like your blog, and believe it deserves this award. I hope you accept and display it.

Vertigo said...

This is a very good movie... funny with a great message.