Thursday, March 5, 2009

Forbes: comparing Today's Iran to Yesterday's Ottoman Empire!

interesting! never thought in this light!


nunya said...

Naj, sory off topic, but interesting:

ThinkProgress thinkfast

In “an unusual public criticism of Israel,” Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said yesterday that the country’s “plan to destroy dozens of Palestinian homes in Arab East Jerusalem was ‘unhelpful’ and contrary to Israel’s obligations under a U.S.-backed peace plan.” She added she would raise the issue, along with “concern over the growth of Israeli settlements in the West Bank, with Israeli officials.”

an average patriot said...

You really have to laugh! The west has done Iran a favor in the long run albeit inadvertently.
Turkey now Iraq! Iran is having things. I really wish you well and hope those in power make the most of their position!

Gail said...

Hi Naj-

I read the NY Times article. I feel so powerless - I honor your plight and your sharing all you know, believe, and hope for.

I lived in Turkey - on the Asian side - in a little town called Yalova. Not far from Bursa and the hot springs of Tremal.

You are quit fascinating.

Love Gail

goatman said...

I just saw on Link TV where 94% of those in Tehran consider themselves poets!! If this be true it is a wonderful truth. To live amongst those with gentle hearts and searching souls would make living itself worthwhile and pleasant.
Drifting about answering each other in prose . . . I am probably way into the clouds here, but I can dream can't I??


Naj said...

Hi All, sorry for the radio silence :)

Goatman, actually Iranians are very poetic-minded! Poets are very highly respected, the old and the new equally.

Iranians are by and large very spiritual; the culture is a spiritual one, so if you like that sort of a thing, Iran's a good place to be in :)

Anonymous said...

Of the Empires of the last 300 years that were in competition in the Near East only Iran is left standing; Ottomans are gone, the British are gone, Russians are gone, Mughals are gone - and good willing - soon the Americans will be gone.

This Turkish write is correct in the general outline but there are many mistakes in the details that he has writte.

By the way, one has to feel sorry for Turks: "az deh roonde va az shar moonde."

pen Name