Sunday, April 11, 2010

All you wanted to know about Iran but were afraid to ask

Encyclopedia Iranica!

The project started in a little office in New York's Columbia University, over 40 years ago. Its founder, Ehsan Yar Shater, is an Iranian linguist: 90 years young and going strong. Here is a recent mini documentary about his work for Persian speakers--others can look at the modesty and vitality of his resolve; it transcends language. He trained with Walter Henning. For his English thesis, he chose a book that was a German translation of a book originally in Pahlavi language and scripted in hebrew--four languages of which he knew nothing. "Impossible" doesn't seem to mean much to him.

Not all their articles are online; but many are forthcoming.

This is a non-profit organization mainly supported by Columbia University. Learn what support is welcome.


Publicola said...

Thank you very much for your relevant suggestion.

I hadn't had the slightest idea so far, that this/such an encyclopaedia existed.

Pedestrian said...

lol I bet German will be memorized all of Iranica by next week :-P

Naj said...

German, did you notice what Ped assigned you to: memorizing encyclopedia :) Thanks; we would love you do that :)

Publicola said...

To the "Deux Mousquetaires"
(the only living and real female Iranian version of Alexandre Dumas's fictional characters):

If I had only the time!

[One must admit - the more one/your readers find(s) out about Iran,
in particular the Iranians,
who you two introduce to your readers,
who you two enable your readers to view through your eyes,

the more your reader(s) is/are intrigued
by their likeable radiance and charisma,
by their political astuteness,
by their cultivated attitude,
by their deep intellectuality,
by their impressive humanity,
by their artistic ability

the more familiar, the more European they seem to me than the average or even most of my compatriots.

- mission accomplished -

- perfectly on your part - !]

All the best from everything good for the both of you


In the seventies there was this (in Germany) extremely popular Italian spaghetti western and action film
"Trinity is STILL My Name!" (Italian: "...continuavano a chiamarlo TrinitĂ ")
- in German 'der Italowestern' "Vier Fäuste und ein Halleluja" = "Fours fists and one Halleluja",
starring the two divine Italian actors:
cool Terence Hill and cool Bud Spencer. I adore them. I don't know how often I have watche films with these two twinlike characters.
I sincerely and very strongly suggest a remake with the two of you in the two leading roles]