Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I listen to radio; glance at news headlines, listen to interviews, to rumors, to puntifications; open this page to write, to debunk, to comment, to warn: stare at the screen, and change my mind.

Sometimes, silence is more informative--especially when getting tangled by the web of dysinformation and propaganda is a serious risk.

Currently, there is certain level of nuclear bickering exchanged by international clowns and criminals: Ahmadinejad and Clinton/Gate! There is the usual cat and mouse play of Russia--what we call in Persian "shol kon seft kon" (tie it up, tie it down)! There are all sorts of NEO-this and that institutions, the [another persian expression] "bowls that are hotter than the soup" that are trying to plant our green in their peepot--may it bear future fruit for their meddling imperialist cause--by endorsing, awarding, patronizing, glorifying and etc. There is also [another persian expression] a "goldsmith's row" in the higher echelons of the Iranian rulers: Ahmadinejad and Larijani biting eachother; Hashemi and Khamenei flirting; parliamentries raising accusations of Ahmadinejad Cabinet's economic corruption; and teh judiciary thanking the parliament opposition while at the same time threatening them with legal action. There are high profile prisoners relased on bail and loads of pictures of their visits and solidarity flooding facebook. There are high profile prisoners sentenced to long jail terms. There are international artists such as Jafar Panahi, the filmmaker of humanities that shine through darkness who are locked up. (A note: I WOULD have blogged about his ILLEGAL imprisonment, had he not made it explicitely known that he didn't want any special treatment that his less known co-prisoners could not enjoy!)

So there is much to say; but at the same time there is little to say. Much that is happening now is political noise! Things worth saying and analysing are not for now. Iranians are doing what they are BEST at: adapting in order to circumvent the goons; in order to adapt the goons and turn them into soldiers of their cause. This is not a process that needs my English blogging; this is not a process that people who are not Iranian or live outside Iran or do not read Persian can understand--or frankly should care to understand! It's kind of private. We all deal with our internal infections privately. And this is what Iran is doing. This is why I am not translating, why I am not updating political 'stuff'. There are plenty of blogs out there that do these kind of stuff--and to be honest, most of them make me slightly sick.

This year, our artists, my main source of neo-resistance have been silent. I don't want to present reactionary art--unless it withstands test of time. Some art is like wine; it needs to sit in a dark and cool cellar for a while to be enjoyable. I am busy looking into the cellar though; for old wines ...

This is my method of neo-resistance.


Naj said...

Funny coincidence; just as I was posting this; I came across this song! It rather captures what I feel :)

"I am suspicious of the puppet", by our pop queen, Googoosh!

Publicola said...

Thanky very much for your interesting and plausible text and for the song and video-presentation. I enjoyed [if that is the correct word] both very much!

Don't tell me off (at least not too much),
if I consider that popsong by Googoosh as (great) art (though unfortunately not understanding the least single word) and the popsinger herself as a great (entertaining) artist

[(in the same way and indeed very comparably as I consider Mina, Paolo Turci, Fred Buscaglione, Paolo Conte, Fabrizio de André as great Italian artists and their songs as high art; or comparably Charles Trenet, Dalida, Jacques Brel etc. in France/Belgium etc. pp.)]

Of course, you will be much more capable to have a well-founded opinion on her and her song - different from mine, from someone who is a dilettante and amateur in such things- and I won't contradict you, honestly!

Best wishes

Naj said...


I only had the opportunity to become the fan of ONE Iranian pop-singer in life: Googoosh.

Hers was teh first cassette I received at the age of 7, as a present from my mother--because i was so in love with googoosh. And hers are the only lyrics that i know by heart, and sing when I do the dishes or mop the floor :)

I made a post about her before--she was GREAT; she IS great! I just simply like her; blindly :) That you also like her is just music to my ears :)

Publicola said...


Publicola ("German")

goatman said...

I would love to see this art; I find your blog infectious, in the sense of being honest and hard to resist.

Naj said...

:) thank you goatman.
Thhis particular project i am working on will perhaos not make it to my blog, but i will hent you when/if it gets published :)