Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Iranian Wikileaks: Fars News and Rafighdoost prove why war profiteers who are running Iran today hate Mousavi.

I am a bit busy these days, but in one of the most recent idiocies of the Iranian hardliners, and Ahmadinejad's propaganda machine: Fars News, one of the IRGC who-is-whos, who was forced on Mousavi's Cabinet, during the Iran-Iraq war (sacred defense, for Iranians) attempts to undermine Mousavi by expressing how Anti-War he was as the head of the government of the time.

A summary of what this crook (Mohsen Rafighdoost) claims is published in Persian.

Mousavi's angry response, (English on Khordad 88) and his vowing to blow the whistle on war profiteering of Rafighdoost and his ilk is one of the most threatening statements Mousavi has ever made against the IRGC rulers of Iran, today. It is not that Mousavi is angry to be called anti-war; but he is expressing anger at how the IRGC commanders such as Rafighdoost harmed the country, and vow to harm the country with their unattainable love for war and its profits.

I hope to come back with an english translation of how Rafighdoost is shooting himself and his accomplices in the foot. In the meantime, a sample of his self-incriminations include:

- Admission to confiscating industrial factories against the wish of the government, to produce weapons. (من به زور مي‌رفتم كارخانجات دولتي را تسخير مي‌كردم و در آنها مهمات مي‌ساختم،)
- Admission to smuggling and potential war profiteering (يك بار من جنسي را با تخلف قانوني وارد كردم و دادم كارخانه‌ها و پس از آنكه كالاي مورد نظرمان توليد شد، تازه وزارت بازرگاني پيغام داد كه ما اين كالا را 7 دلار در تن ارزان‌تر پيدا كرديم
- Admission to how Mousavi was more concerned about feeding people than conquering Baghdad when the country didn't have enough resources for war (حتي اواسط جنگ آقاي موسوي از من خواست كاميون‌هاي سپاه را براي حمل گندم از بندرعباس به سيلوها اعزام كنم تا نان مردم داده شود. در واقع خيلي از وزرا هم روحيه جنگ نداشتند و هم مملكت امكانات آنچناني نداشت.)


Naj said...

thanks Catherine.
( i don't knwoo where yoru comment went though ... fel free to repost)

Catherine said...

All I said was that I (and some others I know) will be watching this space! Thanks for starting to explain why Mousavi made those comments about what happened in the Iraq-Iran War in his latest speech.

WitteKr said...

Dear Naj, thanks for your posting. It resulted in a discussion on enduringamerica.com and ultimately in this analysis by EA's Mr. Verde: http://enduringamerica.com/2010/07/31/iran-analysis-looking-back-on-the-1980s-verde/
Like Catherine I'm also always watching your space! Keep up the good work :-)