Saturday, July 31, 2010

Who's being Chastised for US Sanctioning Iran?

American Imperialism?
Great Satan?


The greens!


It is because of the Greens that 'Obama', the person, has slapped Iran with crippling economic sanctions.

Says who? The False News quoting some unknown Friday Imam, speaking to the students of an unknown university, in a Kurdish province: Kermanshah! This Mullah believes that it is because of the Green elements inside, that Iran's immunity is compromised. He adds that such compromises are to be expected before the "return of the messiah".

These days, it seems Iranians Mullahs and the Zionist war mongers are all working for the same purpose: Bringing the Messiah out!

The mullahs seems to be almost orgasmic about the possibility of an attack. It seems as if they are cheering for it. They are treating it as if it is a gift given to them by Greens and Zionists: the catastrophic war after which their Mahdi will emerge!

The name of Mahdi is revoked just too frequently to be comforting! The dinosaur Jannati, Ahmadinejad, the dinosaur Alam-ol-Hoda ... This is the superstition that Mousavi has been warning against for some time.

So, Santionizers! In case you think your beating the war drums is deterring Iran, you are wrong. Don't gamble; as they are hoping for your attack! And when you attack, it will be the green ones who will defend that country; and it will be bloody; and it will be long, and it will make Iraq and Afghanistan look like a piece of pie!

So, back off of this Hojjatiyeh/Zionist scenario! Get it?!


Anonymous said...

US & EU has decided to contain Iran since their leaders have (correctly, in my view) that Iran is going to be capable of building nuclear bombs.

They sanction us and we continue what we do.

For without the capability of building nuclear weapons, after the 1998 tests of India and Pakistan, we would be in grave danger of state insecurity and disintegration.

EU is now at the start of the path that US has just completed; sanctioning themselves out of influence with Iran.

No worries. My expectation is that these sanctions will force Iranians to be more disciplined and better organized; reforming their economy and polity.

Just like during the War and also in 1990s.

Anonymous said...

dear Anonymous,
I was with you all the way to the laugh line :
"" Iranians...reforming their ..polity."
The Search is on for a way for Iranians to ' reform their polity' of Theo-Thuggery without spilling lots of blood.Got any ideas ?