Monday, December 27, 2010

Execution, Iranian style!

They have sentenced a Kurdish student activist to death (on the bogus charges of armed encounter with the IRGC). His execution, which was to take place yesterday, got stayed! But, the IRI has arrested all of his family members and no one knows where they are (see this for English) and what is going on! In the meantime, they may have started preparing another execution stand, for another Kurdis student, Reza Sharifi Boukani, in the shadow of the media attention invested in Habibollah Latifi!

Why now?!

Remember the "economic reform of Ahmadinejad"? Well, from what I hear, this economic reform is going to starve and unemploy many of those 58 million Iranians who are already on the beggar's list (and will receive 40$ per month in compensation.) The little militant boys don't want trouble and as always, killing the Kurds and the Balouchis is the best scare-crow. These are the least internationally supported minorities. And the Persian Iranians can easily turn a blind eye on their execution because, well they are advertised as militant secessionists, and god forbid if anyone questions the territorial integrity of Iran ... And these are not women either to get the feminists mobilized, but they are good examples of how fierce and scary the Iranian regime is. People who believe in the fearfulness of their governments are obedient and manageable.

Anyways ... Happy holidays to you too!


Jolly Roger said...

This has been the normal methodology of tyrants throughout history. The innocent are always available for scapegoating and execution in the name of "the cause."

Anonymous said...

dear Ms. Naj,
The only thing that sustains any optimism is the fact that the IRI's toolbox of oppression has not been able to crush the Greens.Eighteen months ago,when I knew ABSOLUTELY nothing about Iran, it was easier to imagine a happy end to this drama. Most revolutions fail,but this one is still very much alive.

Mike said...

Thank (choose the name of the higher benevolent power you follow, same guy in the end)I was born in Canada, not a perfect place, not even close... but when we shoot an Indian (Native Amer...1St nations passive resistor (D. George in Ipperwash) the country has a problem with it, it hits the news and in the end, well he`s still dead but no one comes at midnight to punish you for your opinion.I highly respect your opinion and strength, and will leave you with my favorite quote (and for all the death to.... well everyone not like me guys you have to put up with)

An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.

Mahatma Gandhi

and yes, I am Canadian, as is anyone who chooses to grace this land with their presence.


Naj said...


I wish half of the world was like Canada; this is as close as one can get to paradise, of course if Steven Harpoot was ousted, Canada will have had more reasons to be proud!


Anonymous said...

You are writing as though this man, essentially advocating the dissolution of the Iranian state in collaboration with armed Kurds stationed in Iraq, is some sort of political saint advancing human rights. He is an enemy combatant and has to be dealt with most forcefully.

You are seduced by these people’s beautiful words about cultural rights etc. wholly disregarding their broader political aims and their ramifications. You were not there in 1980 when old men and women, indeed people of many different ages, were fleeing the predominantly Kurdish cities such as Mahabad and Sanadanj because they were ethnic Azeri Turks or Persians and feared for their lives.

If these Kurds do not like it in Iran, they can go to Turkey or Iraq.

We will not let Iran be destroyed by these misguided people.

And you Candians: why do not you give all these Kurds the right to immigrate to Canada?