Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Iranian executioners have gone awry ... But Iran gets a new legend, Ali Saremi!

Ali Saremi, the 62 year old prisoner, is killed.

He was hanged yesterday; abruptly, without due process, when his family was awaiting news--because they had heard rumors of their father's execution, yet they had hope that the rumors were unfounded as the legal procedures that would indicate his execution was imminent were lacking.

Their fears came true when two ambulances stopped in front of the Iranian Bastille, the shameful Evin, when the chants of Hossein Hossein rose, just before the morning prayer, marking the orgy of the blood thirsty executioners of the regime, Ali Saremi and another activist, Reza Sharifi Boukani (whose 'abhorring' crimes allude me and the search engines!!!) were dead.

0) Political opposition!
1) speaking in a memorial ceremony, at the mass-grave of Khavaran, remembering the genocidal execution of thousands of Iranian prisoners (Sorry that I must use this term in a blog about my country, but this is when a lot of Iran's political youth met their death because some "asshole" decided they were blasphemous and did not believe in Islam!)

2) traveling to Camp Ashraf in Iraq, to visit his son, a member of MEK which is the armed resistance group, that is loathed by many Iranians for their violent tactics and the incompetence and selfishness of their leaders, who seem to have imprisoned these runaway kids in Camp Ashraf! (throughout this blog, I have not hid my hatred for the leadership of this group, and have not shied away from criticizing them with all contempt ... but no affiliation, no crime calls for a human to call another human, I LOATH the killers, I loath them ...)

He has been on and off in prison, since 1989 ... recently, he picked on Ahmadinejad, and remained defiant when his execution sentence was announced ...


I am incoherent, because I am too upset ... I am upset because I KNOW all these sudden executions are scare-crows ... Ahmadinejad, the fucking Ahmadinejad and that IDIOTIC judiciary system think they are instilling fear in the hearts of the cattle ... the cattle who is to suffer hunger and unemploymengt after their "economic" revolution!!

But they are WRONG!

Saremi's daughter is ironically called Zeynab--and she has written a short moving piece that crystalizes the sentiments of us! I say ironically because Zeynab was the sister of Imam-Hossein. Imam-Hossein is the icon of shiite resistance, the man who chose death over life under shame of complicity with tyranny. Zeynab spoke bravely and passionately on the body of his martyred brothers, when they were killed some 1300 years ago, on "ashura"! Even more ironically, Asura event were commemorate just two weeks ago. And, what more? During, this month, "Moharram", Muslims are prohibited from war and killing!! So much for the champions of Shiism in the world, so much for the Islamic Republic of Iran, so much for the followers of Hossein!!

Zeynab Saremi wrote:

I write this letter, for the noble spirit of my father to hear!

My dear father, I wish I knew if you felt our presence behind the Evin walls! In the cold of the winter we shivered, while the guards had taken refuge in their heated vehicles.

Father, I had come to see your moon face.

Father, I had come to let them punch me, mother and my sisters in the heart, but let you remain to defend my country!

Father, it didn't take more than 20 minutes before two ambulances that were marked "inspectors" pulled over, around the dawn; and before entering the iron door of Evin, the chants of Hossein Hossein Hossein broke the cold silence of evin; the call to prayer rose and merged with the starry moonlit night.

My entire body froze inexplicably, we sensed the goosebumps on our body and faces, and after the prayer-chant the guards left, and we remained ...

Father, I saw you fly away and leaving us behind; but we have not stayed behind, look at your footsteps ... all the world has come to march behind you, even with broken heads ...

Father, I love you from the bottom of my heart, I love you, I love you ...

Zeynab Saremi
Dec 29, 2010

Every decomposing body in the grave fertilizes our Green garden of eden ... these serpents will be driven away ... this is the courageous plea of Saremi's daughter, who breaks my heart to thousand pieces, shrapnel that will defeat these fascist invaders out of Iran, mark my word.

(Translated by Naj.)


Anonymous said...

Many years ago, I intended to write a letter of condolence to the father of one of my high-school classmates who had join the MKO and was killed during the Mersad Operation. My intention was to state to the parents that I remembered a promising young man whom I knew and who had been my class mate for many years. I did not intend to condone his actions later against Iran.

I was advised by another classmate no to do so since all of those families are under surveillance by the Iranian state security organization. They would treat the letter as some kind of code and I, in turn, would become a suspect.

I do not know the details of this man’s dossier so I do not know for a fact his guilt or innocence. But maintain relations with an organization that is responsible for more than 10,000 dead in Iran is folly.

nunya said...

Off topic from post, sorry. I read about the plane crash tradgedy. I'm so sorry.

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goatman said...

It is shameful and wrong, what your government is doing.
How long will you put up with it?

Naj said...

We will perhaps put up wt it just as long as Americans or the rest of the world puts up with things that adversely affect a small obscure minority.