Sunday, April 17, 2011

Checking in!

Haven't got anything to say. My country is not very interesting these days. And I have more important things to do; that will bring me international fame and fortune without any relevance to Iran. To be honest, I have stopped even following the Iranian news, but if you want a synopsis:

It's a HILARiOUS macabre! I'm not gonna bother with why the child-birthing organs of our supreme leader are the hottest topic of debate, after an important cleric exposed them anecdotally in a DUMB attempt to sanctify Khamenei. Read and search them elsewhere, with keywords like "ya Ali" probably.

But I am planning to take photography more seriously, for as long as the Iranian-affairs remain uninteresting. Pity I can't go to Iran to take pictures of the flora, fauna, farmers, factories, funs, funerals and fanatics!

Oh, speaking of photography ... did you know Kaveh Golestan?


RickB said...

We have a royal wedding, amounts to about the same level of discourse.

Naj said...

Luckily, I have not heard about that ever since I left being a subject of the queen!

Anonymous said...

dear Ms. Naj,
This struggles' lop-sided scoreboard may fray our interest, but the grace,and courage of the players still inspire.

goatman said...

No. I love photography.


nunya said...

:) Glad you're ok, dear

Pedestrian said...

Naj!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hello!!!! Saaleh jadid mobarak! :-*

Got this book a while ago, was going to write about it! Glad to see you have it too! :-)

goatman said...

I wish you well in your travels

Naj said...

Friends I am so sorry about this sloppiness in moderation. Blogger has become funny in a sense that when I approve a comment it logs me out and so my postings have become inconsistent.

Thanks for your comments and kind words.