Thursday, November 3, 2011

Image of a dream: translated lyrics of Dariush's song "تصویر رویا"

Dariush is our king of pop! His songs and his voice made me cry throughout my teen years. I stopped listening to him when I "grew up" and became a 'tough' girl who needed to kill Iran in her in order to succeed "abroad". I heard a version of this song on the facebook; and it made me cry. I just share it with a translation of the lyrics. Let me know if you like the music. I am curious.

Moonlight floods the night شب از مهتاب سر میره
The moon full in water تمام ماه تو ابه
like the image of a dream شبیه عکس یک رویاست

When you sleep, the world sleeps تو خوابیدی جهان خوابه
Earth goes around you زمین دور تو میگرده
Time is in your hands زمان دست تو افتاده

Look تماشا کن
Your silence has deepened the night سکوت تو عجب عمقی به شب داده
In sleep, you are like a sketch تو خواب انگار طرحی از
of a flower, the moon and a smile گل و مهتاب و لبخندی

The night begins from شب از جای شروع میشه
where you close your eyes که تو چشماتو میبندی
I hold you تورا اغوش میگیرم
my body fills with dream تنم سریز رویا شه
the world, the size of a lullaby جهان قد یه لالایی
that fits in my arms توی اغوش من جاشه

I hold you تورا اغوش میگیرم
It becomes darker هوا تاریک تر میشه
God comes closer than your hands خدا از دست های تو به من نزدیکتر میشه

The earth goes around you زمین دور تو میگرده
The time is in your hand زمان دست تو افتاده
Look تماشا کن
how your silence has deepened the night سکوت تو عجب عمقی به شب داده

The house fills تمام خونه پر میشه
of this dreamy image از این تصویر رویایی
look تماشا کن
look تماشا کن
how cruelly beautiful you are چه بی رحمانه زیبایی


Anonymous said...


What the lyric says has finally happened to me following years of disbelief in the concept of durable romantic love. It doesn't make me cry.

It has instead given me s sense of perpetual longing. As if every day, hour, minute and second I hope for something fulfilling to happen. Something to either turn things upside down when they are not on the right track; or to accentuate them when they are.

I would consider the lyrics of this particular song to be among the more romantic genre of Daryoush's songs rather than the older melancholic ones (e.g. wheat's scent; black and white; dead-end)

Even among his older ones though one could find lyrics similar to this one. For instance, this one really reminds mr of the song 'if your eyes say yes!'.

Pedestrian said...

Naj, I went to my first ever Irooni pop concert a few weeks ago. Faramarz Aslani & Dariush. I'd heard a couple of Aslani's songs, but never, ever heard a word of Dariush before ..... cheghadar naaleh mikoneh! hamash ghor mizaneh o gheryeh mikoneh! And in between songs, he gave us sociopolitical lectures ...

But he has a great voicE! =)

goatman said...

Once more with feeling!
I like it; music to sleep by.

Naj said...

I have no clue what you are saying!

Ped, LOL, he does moan a little too much doesn't he? This is why I could tolerate this song, it's kind of soft and velvety. I have never been to an Iranian concert; only once to Nazeri's 19 years ago; a DISASTER as they had over-sold tickets and a fight broke in the middle of his "chahchah" :D

Oh I lied, I have been to Kiosk concert! Equally awful, bad sound engineering!

Goatman, thanks for letting me know how you perceive it. this song makes me think of my little sister... she is kind of my "baby". this is why I cried to it, and posted it here for posterity :)

Naj said...

Ped, here's the truth; it's the "look, your silence has deepened the night" that touches me most; it touches me because I have been AMAZED by the courage and dignity of my sister in the hands of the "ultimate" disease ... her silence and her ironic smile ...

yes there is something CRUELLY beautiful to her dignity; in humbles and humiliates me who nag all the time and fear all the time and am a total bitch all the time ...

Anyways, blah blah blah ...

Anonymous said...

Naj, you don't have to publish this. The discussion on your thread is much more interesting.

But here is what I mean. I think the following three songs are examples of Daryoush's melancholic songs.

Scent of wheat


Black & White

Take Me To My Home (Homeland)

In contrast these links are among Daryoush's romantic songs (I think these are not melancholic just pure romantic similar to the one you have shared):

If Yours Eyes Say Yes !

Love Looks Like Bird's Flight

The Night Of Moonlight

Naj said...

Anonymous, since I know who you are, i shrug and say:

don't you really have anything better do do in life than to spend time writing irrelevant things?

I suggest you make your blog and "ezhar-e fazl" about Dariush there! Seriously, your "analysis" is boring me :)
But I hope someone will find it useful!

Anonymous said...


Did you know Vigen, "dream of an image"? The image of a father, a white haired, handsome, tall old man. . Had you ever been to any of his concerts?