Wednesday, May 9, 2007

I'm back!

I like to thank all of you who sent me messages and inquired about my well being. I had to make an emergency trip to Iran to be with my father for his heart operation. All went well and he is slowly recovering.

I shall soon be making a post about my experience in Iran.
Till then.


nunya said...

Hi you! Welcome back, and best to your father.

MarcLord said...

Welcome back, Naj! Glad to hear your father is recovering, looking forward to hearing about your observations from your visit.


Coffee Messiah said...

Welcome back and positive thoughts for your Dad! ; )

Anon-Paranoid said...

Glad too see you made it back safely Naj. Prayers for your dad also.

God Bless.

Brother Tim said...

Hi Naj--
Glad you're back and your father's health is improving. I've been praying for him since you left.

I had a close call with my mother a couple weeks ago. She, too, is doing better.

I look forward to hearing what is going on in Iran.

Peace and Grace, Sister.

mystic rose said...

nice to see you back.. sorry to hear about your father, and hope he recovers well.

Aardvark EF-111B said...

You are most welcome back!!!!

my best wishes to your father, to get well soon!

Anna said...

Naj, I'm so glad to know you're back and your father ist on the way to recover ... wishing everything best from my heart. I'm curious about your "reportings" from Iran ... since I have been there myself at the same time like you. It's not for denying problems, but all the beauties of this country and all the openness of people I met caused" nothing but the deep wish to return there again. Just can't imagine not doing so!

FurGaia said...

Glad you are back, Naj! All the best to your father.

Dave On Fire said...

Glad your father is well - and glad to see you back :)

Naj said...

Nunya dear I can't drop comments on your blog!!

Naj said...


I am more curious to hear about your impression of Iran.

I love it, no matter what/why I am there.

little indian said...

Glad to hear from you, Naj.
I was getting worried.

Best wishes for your dad.
hope he gets well soon.

Sophia said...

Hi Naj,
You weren't posting and I thought you were too busy with work. I wish the best for your father.

Anonymous said...

If I am correct in this that you are double citizenship holder, tell us when you be in airport how they treated you as Iranians holding a foreign passport?

Whatever wishes your father good health and fast recovery.

Naj said...

Hi anonymous.

They don't care about dual citizenship. They in fact look at both passports to make sure you are who you say you are, and that you are allowed to travel to your destination (e.g. UK; by holding proper UK visa or an EU passport.)

Thank you for your good wishes.

Anonymous said...

What about this? and why?

"The prominent Iranian-American academic Haleh Esfandiari, head of the Middle East Program at the Woodrow Wilson Center in Washington DC, was arrested without charge in December 2006 when she went to Tehran on a family visit. Since then she has been held under house arrest and repeatedly interrogated.

On May 8, the Iranian government escalated an already serious situation by putting Esfandiari in "Tehran’s notorious Evin prison, where Human Rights Watch has documented cases of torture and detainee abuse."

Naj said...

Hi Anonymous,

I have no clue why Haleh Esfanidiari is arrested. From what I can tell she is a boring and banal academic! I hope her books will sell better after this. And I hope she will be released soon.

Human right watch and Evin ... uhm ... the point is??

Anonymous said...

the point is??

Anonymous said...

Again what your thoughts?

In Iran, the government overturned the convictions of six men who, among other things, killed a young couple because they were walking together in public.

Naj said...


I'm afraid you are a typical zionist who feels rightous to ask irrelevant questions in order to imply something, without having the courage of stating his/her opinion.

I do not have any opinion about a piece of Washinton Post report, that is wrapped in propagandist rhetoric.

I do KNOW for a fact the in Iran, NO COUPLE is killed for walking hand in hand.

god bless.

Also, other than Pen Name (who has too much information to ignore) I do not allow anonymous posting on my blog.

If you like to engage in a conversation with me, you should either get a blog, or state an opinion; or challenge me on any SPECIFIC information that I am providing here.

Is that clear?

Anonymous said...

A story big like this can be untrue, isn't?
If you like to denied that’s ok but not can fix the problem of women in Iran and you just living in your blind and duff world.

Friend, when some one looses the ground of discussion will start shouting loudly.

If you are real believer in putting truths about Iran you should hold your nerve to tell us the truths about the Mullah how nice are and their nice doing work inside.

Or you really don't know as you live outside Iran in WESTERN WORLD with all the happiness and sit in your GREEN ZONE Bloging to us.

or challenge me on any SPECIFIC information that I am providing here.

Funny yah...

This blog is about fairness; about looking at objects from multiple perspectives. Stable transformation comes only slowly; and only if the environment is free of sporadic jitters of passion and anger that destabilize growth. I strongly believe that the path to peace crosses through battle with self.

Come to the reality our Friend be real …

Another source for the story if you don’t know

Naj said...

dear anonymous,

I am not a defender of Mullahs. But I also prefer to look at the full half of a glass, that has been for a very long time quite empty. every drop of rain in that glass makes me happy. And not everyone in Iran is a Mullah, nor do they control EVERY aspect of people's lives. Although Iranians prefer to self-pity often and find themselves victims of this or that source of misery; be it mullahs, shah, the British, or etc!

There are plenty of blogs hat "bitch" about Iran. But I think there is plenty to admire in Iran. So why don't you enjoy your grumpy readings? I am not obliged to please you! and was I speaking to you, I would be writing a Persian blog!

About the 6 killers released ... Actually that story has striken far closer to home to me than you can perhaps imagine. For me, what is interesting is the loud debate and expressed indignation about that release, INSIDE Iran. I think Iranians are very well capable of addressing these issues INSIDE Iran, and as you correctly noted, since I do not live in Iran, I prefer to not stick my nose into matters that do not concern me.

Next time you send a link, don't sent a piece of washingtom-post trash about "anti-semetism" that starts with Iran exonerates blah blah!

and if you are challenging the picture I am painting about Iran, BE OBJECTIVE and SPECIFIC. But your attitude shows that you have perhaps "soorakh-e do'a ro gom kardid!"

Cool down my grumpy fellow Iranian ;)

Anonymous said...

Dear Madam

Look I can come to agree in some points with you that just said, but in the best of all that you should made it clear from the start that you don’t know, after you read my links now you admitting it!! But firstly you strongly denied by saying

I do KNOW for a fact the in Iran, NO COUPLE is killed for walking hand in hand.

You been very rude which is unreasonable, surprisingly by some one living in WESTERN WORLD you should be more open and friendly when talking to people, some one have telling us he have open mind and looks to the “full half of a glass” so were is your wisdom? You’re showed me your anger and rudeness with some racist attitude?

Please next time do your homework before replay for any claims that look suspicious to you we live in an open world today and we all seek the truth, we knew this world full of liars and haters but we look to those voices whom value the humanity and friendship.

Next time don’t take my personal things in your talk and talk to us as we writ to you and respond what our words saying be wiser about other personality or origin or race madam….

God Bless

Naj said...

Dear anonymous, I stand by my statement:

HOLDING HANDS doesn't lead to killing in Iran!

There are psycopaths everywhere on earth. Unfortunately religious psychpaths in theocratic regimes can find loopholes!

That said, ZIONISM is not a RACE!
And anyone who compares anti-zionism (and your washinton post was just a piece of zionist trash) with racism is to learn a bit more about the world and the history.

Forgive my "rudeness", I didn't intend to sound rude. I just mirrored the attitude that was directed at me.


Anonymous said...

Salam Naj :)
Sorry that I could not reply sooner.

Very nice to see you back with loads of Iranian experiences and glad to know your father's surgery went well.

Catch you again after a short while.

take care.