Monday, December 31, 2007

Fin Garden, Kashan

Fin Garden is a Palace that combines the architectural features of Safavid, Zand and Qajar periods. Although Baghe Fin was restored during Safavid Dynasty but there are indications that the garden dates to pre-savavid (and even ancient) era. Fin garden is one of the most beautiful ancient parks of Iran with bountiful natural fountains called Solomon, numerous old trees, pools and stream of water. Baagh-e Fin (Fin garden) is recently (09-08-2007) submitted as World Heritage to UNESCO.

The historical significance of Baaghe Fin is tied to the murder of Amir-Kabir (19 century), a charismatic and visionary reformer and chancellor of Quajar dynasty who set the founding stone of modern education in Iran, who negotiated a peace deal with Ottomans to end hundred years of hostility, who established rules of fair and square governance. Because of his progressive actions and the integrity of his vision, he soon became a threat to the corrupt Quajar families and their foreign "protectors". The king's entourage (family and foreign friends) convinced the Shah that Amir Kabir was after the throne. He was exiled to Fin in Kashan. In a drunken state, Naser-al-din shah orderd his execution. AmirKabir's wrist was slashed in the Fin Bath, located in this garden (below there is a picture of the statues representing the event).

Fearing public's reaction, to prevent the spreading of the news of AmriKabir's death, the envoys of the king also murdered the man (hammami, the bath worker) who slashed AmriKabir's wrist. Naser-al-din shaah later regreted his foolish decision. Iran was deprived from a great reformer, the history perhaps set back by a century!

Today, the garden serves as a museum and as a park. The admission is ~ 50 cents for Iranians and 3 dollars for foreigners. It has a restaurant with horrible food but great atmosphere. The trees (some over 200 years old) are a marvel to stare at.

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