Monday, December 31, 2007

Hotel Abbasi, Isfahan

We had lunch in the horrible restaurent of Fin Garden, Kashan; and then drove a couple of more hours to Isfahan, Nime-jahan (half of the world!) and checked in Hotel Abbasi.

Well this is how the hotel looks in summer! (More info about this hotel: here.)
In the 17th century, this hotel used to be a caravanserai, built by the mother of Shah Sultan Hossein, the last Safavid shah. There are plenty of professional pictures of the accommodations of this hotel, flush in art, ornamentation and architecture. But what I like to show is the collection of art work depicting women of Safavid (and some Quajar) era. 90% of the artwork hanging in the hallways were representing women. This is perhaps another upset for those who wish to think Iran is an anti-women country! I am sorry about the poor quality. shaky hands don't work without flash. And flash doesn't work well with shiny tableaux!

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betmo said...

your two posts were wonderful!! the artwork is exquisite and the gardens beautiful. words fail to express.