Wednesday, December 5, 2007

I wish I had CNN

and I could see OVER AND OVER AGAIN, Bush's face, as he was saying "I said thjere was a new report, I didn't say what the content of the report was" ... liar liar, pants on fire-face :)

But, in Iran, these kind of things are not sensationalized. I heard it by accident, as a part of foreign news, and not the news headline!

I am going to go buy a few papers now, and take a picture of the news stand for you all :)

Now you can travel to Iran without fearing bombs and etc!


nunya said...


nunya said...

:) :) :)

Daniel said...

Hey, Naj, great to see you're back! Poor George, he wishes that the world was black and white because that's all he can understand. Shades of grey are beyond him completely. Hope Iran can survive until he leaves office!

If only Americans could get their minds around the fact that they don't need a President. Cheers.

betmo said...

you're a glutton for punishment- i try to avoid having to watch him lie- so as to keep my blood pressure from boiling :) you are better off with the foreign news :)

David said...

I wish his pants would catch on fire! ;)

At least the Bush/Cheney drumbeat for war has been silenced. Also, I was really happy to hear Joe Biden say that he would press for impeachment if Bush attacks Iran. Hopefully, the neo con men have come to the realization that their reign of lies and deception is over.

Larry said...

The imbecile has the same stupid look whether he has been caught in another lie, or his Momma is telling him how "special" he is.

MarcLord said...

hi, Naj!

Hope you're taking lots of nice pictures. Yes, the new NIE signals changes are afoot. Cheney's staffers continue to call for bombing Iran on a daily basis (really), but they are being fenced in a little more every day.

The NIE is great news, absolutely. Still, Cheney and Israel, not to mention Saudi Arabia, all see NOT bombing Iran as the equivalent to losing a war, so they also grow more desperate with each passing day. I hope they stew eternally in the juices of frustration.

Jolly Roger said...

The moronic monkey was known to be lying THIS TIME by most of us.

Sadly, last time only about a third of us knew he was lying. We screamed, but the Chimpromised MSM made sure nobody was listening.

Larry said...

Will Bush ever go away!

landsker said...

One of the American chiefs of staff is flying out to Israel on Sunday.
No doubt to tell them that they are on their own should they attack Iran.
The guy is called Michael Mullen, and he is the chairman of the "chiefs."
It has been said that the admirals and generals have realised that their day is done.
But then, George just doesn`t know when to stop.

Larry said...

By Colleen Redman:

I want President Bush to have a dream
like the one that Ebenezer Scrooge had
I want him to be visited by the ghosts of Iraqi children
who cry out, "But mankind was your business."

I want all the Tiny Tims of the world
to get their 401k money back
from the white collar criminals who stole it

I want them to not go to war for oil,
good ratings, or weapon sale quotas
because this white collar mafia is in power

I wish President Bush would have an affair
I wish he'd take off his black pointed cowboy boots
and look at the moon more often

And then I wish he'd wake up
and be inflicted with what Jim Carey had
in the movie "Liar Liar"

I wish all the billboards across the country read:
"Give back the votes your brother stole"
and the poets would shout from every street corner,
"The emperor wears no clothes"

I want his mouth washed out with soap
every time he says "weapons of mass destruction"
and for him to wear a Darth Vader helmet
if he ever says "the axis of evil" again

I hope President Bush looks out his White House window
when we descend on Washington marching for peace
like hordes of starlings who know their way home
because it is in their nature

I want President Bush to have a dream
like the one that Martin Luther King had
I want him to be visited by the ghosts of King,
John Lennon, Paul Wellstone, and the Kennedys

I want the New York Times to cover the story
when his mother scolds him for being a bully
I hope he gets some Gi Joes for Christmas
and starts to play with real toys
and not with real people

I think President Bush should go back to school
and look up some words in the dictionary
or study history - like the Roman Empire
I'd like him to write on the blackboard 100 times,
"I will not promote propaganda - or the far right agenda"
" I will not join gangs"

I want President Bush to be haunted
by the ghosts of our Founding Fathers
until he learns this lesson:
that killing civilians is a terrorist act
and pre-emptive strike is invasion

I want him to break out in song
at his next Address to the Nation
singing "Give Peace a Chance" is all we are saying
and "We Shall Overcome"

I want President Bush to have an epiphany
or else I want him gone
I want Americans to say "yes" when the polls ask,
"Should regime change begin at home?"

And I want him to stop shouting "Fire!"
in the theatre when he is the one with the matches
I want him to care about children
more than slogans and re-elections

If President Bush doesn't have a real dream soon
he should step aside for those who do
He should impeach himself
and ask for forgiveness
for imposing his nightmare on the world

Daniel said...

We got rid of John Howard's government, Naj, AND he lost his own seat as well. It was a precious moment that I could watch over and over.

Seeing George Bush and Co in front of a firing squad is something else I could watch repeatedly.


F2H said...

Hi Naj. It's good to have you back. I was relieved about this latest development. It seems like Bush is still trying to save face a little bit. In some of his statements I heard, it seems like he has an "I'll forgive, but I'll never forget" sort of attitude.

F2H said...

Hi Naj. It's good to have you back. I was relieved about this latest development. It seems like Bush is still trying to save face a little bit. In some of his statements I heard, it seems like he has a "We'll forgive, but we'll never forget" sort of attitude.

Naj said...

Waving hello! :)

RickB said...

Hey Naj, feel free to ignore this, but I have tagged you in this meme chain- 7 facts about yourself.

Anok said...

Damn it RickB! You got to Naj first! Maybe she'll do one here, and on stop the second holocaust. In the meantime Naj, have you heard all the brouhaha about the NIE report being a conspiracy to undermine the US and some other nonsense? Seems funny that the neocons conveniently laugh off "tin hat wearing liberals" when conspiracy is afoot, but use it when it suits their needs....

You've been tagged!

See blog for details. If you don't want to play, thats OK too.

Sailor said...

Great post.

Larry said...

Checking in on you Naj.

Jolly Roger said...

naj, you do know I redid Reconstitution primarily because you inspired me to do it, don't you? Check me out, when you get a chance :)

Anon-Paranoid said...

Hey Naj...
For you and yours...

Just wanted to wish you a Joyous Holiday Season.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

God Bless.