Monday, May 19, 2008

Iranian women top Korea's inventor's awards

This year, South Korea hosted the first International Women's Invention Expo. The event aimed to support women inventors and companies set up by women entrepreneurs to provide an opportunity for marketing their inventive products, sharing information and experiences and also finding good business opportunities.

Iranian women presented the following projects, and with 23 medals ranked first among the 25 participating countries:(source)

1. Mehrnaz Golchinfar: Power station without pollution for environment (Winner of the Special Jury Award)
2. Ladan Nakhaei, Saeideh Nooshzadeh and Naser Darijani: Laboratory washer device for washing non accessible points of the laboratory tools and devices.
3. Elena Horri, Mehrangiz Ebrahimi and Mohsen Horri: Washable polymer and elastic for x-ray absorption
4. Negar Mahmoodian: Automatic music stand
5. Marzieh Morselpour, Mohammad Ali jusefzadeh and Parvin Nejad Sarvari: Production of ointment and suppository of citrullus colocynthis extract to reduce blood sugar
6. Negar Molazadeh: Intelligent seat belt
7. Parvin Vasseghi, Anaheita Davoodi and Tahmasb Davoodi: Building energy management system (BEMS)
8. Soheila Kamrani and Saeed Naderian: Producing water color compounds special for use in water color painting technique on stone, as well as regular technique of water color prepared from pigments of fruits, herbal plants, food colors and powder paints
9. Sonya Saberi: Nano composite (World Intellectual Property (WIPO) Award)
10. Fatemeh Soltanzadeh and Mojtaba Emamjome: The Optimization of Cement and Concrete with Usage of Oman Sea Chalky Conches
11. Samaneh Mollaghasemi, Mahtab Ahmadi and Mansoor Norooz Eidian: A device to relieve migraine pains.
12. Roghayeh Hashemi: Anti-Fertility effects of seed of cossypium herbaceum and ruta graveolens plants on adult male rats is regd
13. Hoda Jalali Nejad, Amir Jalali Nejad and Hamid Jalali Nejad: Recycling of polyethylene tare phthalate (PET) which used for water and soft drink
14. Maryam Eslami : An implement for reparation and surgery of osseous diseases in olecranon (nternational Federation of Inventors' Associations (IFIA) Award, also honored with the WIPO special emblem as the top laureate for her findings consistent with the treatment of bone and joint diseases at the 36th International Exhibition of Inventions held on April 2-6 2008,where she (photo to the right) won the first prize)
15. Mahnaz Saeedi Delcheh: Flat gelatins cover for shoes to attending high equilibrium and residence of foot ache
16. Zahra Sajjadi: Automatically system that change unpleasant air to pleasant air
17. Iman Kanani: Water Purifier/Softener
18. Sahar Sepehr: Robo School Police
19. Maryam Noori: Robo traffic police
20. Zeynab Abdolzahrai: Wireless Electric Skate Roller

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RickB said...

Excellent and now I want-
Automatic music stand
Intelligent seat belt
Robo School Police
Robo traffic police
Wireless Electric Skate Roller

And any other Robo devices, basically I'm a sucker for robots.

Naj said...


Frankly, I have no clue what these things are for, especially the Robo School Police!

RickB said...

The question is- are they robotic police for a school...or, police at a school for robots?????

Naj said...

NOW you got me thinkin' Rick!

Larry said...

Who would have thought they have done all this and so much more.

Thanks for posting Naj.

Amre El-Abyad said...

Dear Naj,

While I was browsing the net I fell upon the following link


And here are some extrwats from it.

During the early years, Egyptian scientists provided consultation, technology, and oversight allowing rapid advances and technological leaps in weaponization. With the Iran-Iraq war well underway, Egypt assisted Iraq in CW production:

In 1983, Egypt made modifications to the Grad 122 mm Multiple Launch Rocket System to enable warheads to store chemical agents.

In 1984, Egypt exported Grad rockets with plastic inserts to hold chemical agent.

In the mid 1980s, Iraq invited Egyptian chemical weapons experts to Iraq to assist in producing Sarin munitions.

I am providing you with it, because frommy perspective as an Arab citizen, I think it would be very interesting to know your feelings as an Azeri, Belluchi or Irani citizen about these horrible events.

Best Regards

Naj said...


Amro wants everyone to know that his country (Egypt) was complicit in Saddam's CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY! :))

Hydra said...

nice! what should we now think about the position of women in today iranian society?

Naj said...


we should think what we always have:

that the Iranian women are the most beautiful, femminine, seductive, intelligent, powerful, resilient, self-assured, modest, loveable creatures on the earth ;)

DivaJood said...
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DivaJood said...

Obviously these women are the reason Bush thinks Iran is dangerous. I mean, he's an idiot, and these women are smart and articulate.

Praise the lord and pass the ammunition.

Utah Savage said...

I want it all. This was a beautifully simply elegant way to introduce us to these women. To bad I don't have the billions I was offered in the last meme. I'd invest in Start up companies. Mostly green technologies.

Loved you comments at my place.

goatman said...

I like the one which changes the pleasantness of the air. Air conditioner, as it were.

I once submitted an idea ,when I worked for a washing-machine manufacturing company, which would combine the motor and the pump through the use of a hollow shaft with vanes as the motor shaft. The water would be guided along by the hollow shaft thru the motor. Turns out there were many already patented with this same idea. I've never seen one in use though??

Are these ideas patented; numbered and such as to the inventor?

Zeke said...

I am very impressed with the awards. Iranian women are intelligent and impressive. My only problem is the head coverings being mandatory. I have many Muslim friends, and they feel the covering should be optional in Iran, similar to Turkey.
Any thoughts from an Iranian perspective?

Naj said...

Divajood ... yes it is obvious to us why Bush is really afraid of, not the repressive Mullahs, but the rest of us ...

Utah Savage

In fact, the female representation in public sphere is largely due to countless number of women-established/run NGOs that cover as broadly as taxi-services, to recycling, to E-education to earthquake relief, to Robopolice invention!

Good question I have no idea. But I can tell you one thing, a lot of health-industries (that's the area i am familiar) have educational pacts with Iranian universities, they give equipments and research facilities, in exchange for patentable developments by Iranian scientists. You'd be surprised that one of those is the Aaalll American General Electrics! ... yeah Embargo! ;)

This is scientific colonization if you ask me!

Yes I think women have to chose what they want to wear or not to wear. But the issue of Hijab in Iran, Turkey, Egypt is a complex one; and at the crux of these society's encounter with (western) modernization.

In Iran, the dress code for women is a political tool; it's used in so many different ways and by so many different interest groups that you cannot render a quick and easy defense or condemnation.

DivaJood said...

Naj, I read today that Israel and Syria might actually sit down at the negotiating table. Could Iran be next?

Naj said...


Iranians won't make peace with Israel unless they have normalized relations with Iran.

The Normalization of US/Iran relationship doesn't serve Israel's interest, thus they are likely to wreak as much havoc as they can.

This Hamas/Israel talk Is Israel backing down a bit; hoping for leverage against Iran.

Iran and US need to negotiate. Iran is the best ally America can hope for in that region; but they won't buy Iranian's love with sanctions and bully!

The national psychology of Iran is VERY different from it's neighboring countries ... and I think if there were better educated people doing Rice and Petraeus' job, things would have been looking better already. Although this Gate dude doesn't seem to be as dumb as teh rest of the pack!

Obama will be the BEST opportunity for Iran to "loosen up" ... if it's Hillary or McCain, expect 4 more years of this cold war ... sadly extending to nuclearization of the entire midle east, thanks to Bush's new salesmanship in the product!

Amre El-Abyad said...

Dear Naj,

Kindly refrain from associating my country Egypt with anything relted to iran.

you quted Egypt, Turkey and Iran

You can't imagine how shameful irritating and dirty it is for the hub of the Arab world to be associated with our Iranoian enemies-the enemies o Arabism

David said...

Hi Naj,

The Iranian women that I have gotten to know are all very smart, so I am not surprised to see them doing well in the invention contest. Congratulations to the winners! How about you Naj? Did you ever invent anything? :)

Naj said...


Hi David, long time no see.

Did I invent anything? Noooo ... I quit Polytechnic, bought myself a ticket and went straight to WalMart and Pfizer to get all I needed ;)

Anonymous said...

The national psychology of Iran is VERY different from it's neighboring countries ...

Don't take the words as against Iran or Iranians, but of courtesy can you tell us more in details about above? and in what they are better?

Naj said...


I often do not publish anonymous comments nor do I respond to them, but your question begs an answer.

Being "different" by no means implies being "better". I think your presumption that I intended a ranking in goodness reflects a certain inferiority complex that is often felt by those who love bashing Iran :) (see above comments by Amro, for example.)

That difference means a lot of things, but as someone put it nicely elsewhere "Iran's not a country created by arbitrary lines drawn on sand." The language, the geography, the geopolitics, the vast border with Russia, and now with ex-soviet states that used to be Iranian territory, and recently the American sanctions have shaped the national psychology of Iran.

Every nation has its own unique national psychology, determined by all the factors I mentioned above.

The fallacy of the Western Politics that are wrecking the world now rests in their ignorance of the fact that Iran~=Iraq~=Afghanistan~=Pakistan~-UAE

Your ego's feeling better now?! ;)

Anonymous said...

Your ego's feeling better now?! ;)

First thanks for you answer despite your hypocrisy with diluting my questions and by using personal attack using some terms as if represent the reality and believes of other nations by saying country created by arbitrary lines drawn on sand which every Arab knew and tried to change that but the power that draws on sand keeps pressing, indorsing them by wars by tyrant regimes by regional war and conflicts between main "borders" (not countries).

Looks you don’t read the history well or you miss informed by your mindset as Iraq or Egypt and other regional names are exist long and deep in history.

Defiantly you reflecting your racist attitude hatred toward the neighbours; sadly your living in western world did not teach you or change your mindset of hatred and homogony sick mind.

Wish you the best with your sick bubble madam. Your reasons to respond to “anonymous comments” not as a courtesy, keep yourself listening with mouths like yours.

Amre El-Abyad said...

Dear Naj,

My problem with associating an Arab country with Iran stemms out from its contradiction from tjhe Arabist project framed by the Arabs league from which ou are locked out despite of how many times Najad has been begging to accept Iran among us..............

Naj great Persian peope must have a minimal of dignity and quit imposing yourselves on those who don't want you............

Nice one smart Naj.this anaon trick .)))))

With all due repect.......but you are jsut too shallow and vulgur try doing something else aprt of writing...............

Naj said...


Did I hurt your 'feelings' again?

Who is denying the divisive politics of the tyrants? You know it is not me!

Yes, Egypt and Iraq and Mecca and Yemen and Palestine and Iran and India and etc etc have existed long enough beyond myth; but what does that have to do with this discussion?

And what personal attack did I launch on you?! Am I to throw accusations around here? Read your posts more carefully.

But I do believe, that the inability of the Arabs and pan-Arabs to "fix" their problems, the "fact" of their corrupt governments, and their mercurial behaviors (which led to the 6 day war, and to disintegration of Iraq, as we are sadly witnessing) cannot be blamed on Israel or Iran ... an "easy" excuse for these nations to dump the blame of their misfortune on the 'other' ... didn't India kick Britain out?

Why is it that the Arabs have not been able to kick Americans out; and why is it that their whole geopolitics is still influenced by the map laid out by Britain?

But, to say this, is not to discredit the new form of wisdom that is emerging in the middle east as a whole. Dubai is a good example; and so is Saudi Arabia, and so is Egypt ... there appears to be a form of solidarity emerging amongst the Middle Easterners ... one that is going to "appease" Israel by acknowledging its right to exist ... The Arabs have not been kissing the American bottom lately, and I commend them for that.

At this juncture of history, to draw national and ideological lines of hatred serves no one any good. That I speak about Iran does not mean that I do not respect others. I encourage others to set up their own blogs and talk about their own understanding of their countries.

Interestingly, those who do that, do not come here bashing me for hatred; as I have no hatred for no one, but for the ignorant and prejudiced fools who are the instruments of the tyrants ...

Now, chill! :)

Zeke said...

I wish I could visit Iran. But in the US, we cannot go there unless it's with a school group or a cultural exchange program. Plus, funding it would be a problem.
Any suggestions?

Naj said...

Zeke, I don't have a suggestion for funding; but why not join a cultural group?

The reason why it is difficult for US citizens to travel to Iran is because, well it is difficult for Iranians to travel to US too.

My 68 years old father's Visa is withheld because he has an Arabic name! My brother and sister cannot even imagine stepping foot in a Visa office (which is in Dubai); they finger prints me every time I cross teh border because I am keeping my Iranian Passport ... and they dumbest of all humans run the homeland security ... trust me on that!

One of them so kindly was telling me to bring my parents out of Iran so I can give up my citizenship and avoid the finger-printing and interrogation at the American border!

So, I cannot blame Iran for not inviting Americans with open arms: and arm for an arm ;)

Servant said...

Women entrepreneurs.

What? Is that a joke?

:P <<-----clearly labeled snark

A.N. Iraqi said...

Brilliant stuff.

It's good to see women encouraged to engage in inventive and technical initiatives, as these have historically been overwhelmingly dominated by men.

I was almost expecting to see an automatic toilet-seat-put-downer, but I guess if they invented that they would have one less thing to nag us about :D

Naj said...

A. N. Iraqi,

Great to see you! especially since my post seem to have attracted a lot of attention from some Pan-Arabist thugs today, whose concerns I cannot understand, they just throw falsehood and paranoia around ... so to see you relieves the danger of developing prejudice :))

The toilet seat ... well in Iran it wouldn't be quite a trouble ;) An automatic bottom-washer ... that's something! :D (although I suspect they will have to pass it by Qom to get it approved.)

Naj said...

Anonymous buddy .., your essay's too long; post it on your blog and then send us a link to come follow your illogical arguments :)

Don't worry, I know Arabs are inventive and intelligent too ...

those who act like you or Amro are a little pitiable and what George Bush really needs :)

A.N Iraqi said...

I wouldn't worry about the pan-Arabist.

Pan Arabism has only been good for putting dictators in power, with no good by product. We still have our "pan Arab" leaders kissing foreign imperialist ass (except now it's US rather than UK and France), and our countries are as occupied by foreigners as ever. At least Iranians can say they stand on their own feet and kiss no one's ass. History will be kind to them for this reason.

As for talking about Arab inventiveness, that's fine but I don't see the point of doing it here. This is a blog post about Iranian womens' achievements, what do Arab achievements have to do with it? It just betrays a sense of insecurity (which I don't have).

Im not naive, I know the view from the other side of the fence is the same, but who benefits if we keep fighting? And who benefits if we put our ancient squabbles aside and work together?

You can hate individiuals, governments, ideologies, movements and whatever, but hating entire peoples who live in your neighbourhood is just going to harm your children and grandchildren...and in the long run, your enemies win.

Naj said...

A.N Iraqi

I totally agree with you.

I am fascinated by the attacks I start receiving anytime I say something about the progress in Iran, or something that is in Persian culture/education/philosophy ...

They (the Pan-Arabists) rush to say that they too exist! It is amusing, really. And I do hope it is not an epidemy.

No I am not naive of the fact that many Iranians do not like Arabs either; but I think it's a clash of manners not cultures. For example, Saddam fired his rifle in the air to celebrate, Khamenei raises his arm in a subtle non-emotional way; the ways in which leaders of a nation express emotions is an index of the national psychology. And some personality types may not like each other, but it doesn't mean they hate each other to the point of destruction. I really hope I am right ... with nut jobs produced out of Saudi Arabia and Egypt together with their Asian counterparts in Pakistan and Afghanistan, I am afraid my optimism is a bit naive ... but hopefully history will show its better side.

Anonymous said...

could not find a suitable place to paste this link...
Thought you might like it.

Anonymous said...

Dear Amr Abyad

A. About your statements on Iran political situation at, even as an opposition to the politics of Iranian arabized regime I have to mention that most of information you are providing is fake ( I am one of those 25% Azeri you mentioned). There is minimum conflict between ethnicities especially in borders of Iran like Kurds, Azeri, Turkmen, Arab, Balouch compare to neighboring countries in Iraq, Turkey, Pakistan, strangely the level of development in quite higher in Iran side in all those area compare to outside, they might have conflict with regime but never is a consensus for independence form Iran, for your notes on Arabs in Khuzestan please just search in wikipedia on "Iranian Arabs"!!!

B. One of most unique characteristics of Iran ( Persia) is that too many races and cultures with different languages are living in this land for thousands of years in peace and integrity, very surprisingly maybe the only thing that had united them is the term of being “Iranian” and Persian as a pride , this is very well documented in the history that in any invasion all of them were fighting for the country shoulder by shoulder, this is exactly opposite the Arabs which despite of having common language, religion, culture etc still they are not one united nation to back each other in time of dangers and difficulties. For your information most of Iranians are speaking easily 2-3 local languages, this is one of the important tool they apply to preserve their integrity with respecting each others culture enthusiastically.

C. Except for this recent 3 decades in our history Iran was always much more tolerant than other nations in neighborhood or far west about religion. Refer to BBC documentary on Jews in Iran, before revolution of 1979 Iran had biggest population of Jews in Middle East, this is related to historical turning point in 600 BC when Cyrus king of Persia accommodate Jews refugees as the first ever state in the history and put it as rule in his humanitarian charter, that all people have full right and freedom in their religion they are perusing.

D. What is happening in Middle East rather than for its oil rich attraction and political strategically location is “religion”, which as you insisted all the time is the product of your so called Arab nation to the world, while your so called barbers (when you refer to Romans and Persians) were busy with producing and preserving science for human civilization. Now you are accusing Iranians to have retarded religious belief, while they are suffering themselves from their arabized dictators.

E. Have you forgotten all this Jihadi terrorist group originated in that so called Arab nation integrated in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq? How many of attackers of 11 Sept was Arab let say Egyptian? Was there any Afghani or Iranian among them? Why US didn’t target Egypt or Saudi Arabia although the major part of that team was from these 2 countries?

F. In one point you were discussing hatred between Iranians and Persians, let me remind you biggest reason is that Iranians strongly believe that progress of their civilization was haltered in 1400 years ago when Arabs invaded Iran, and brutally destroyed all signs of civilization ( who is barber?) universities, libraries, theatres, since they were coming from such an underdeveloped societies that hadn’t capacity to understand development’s signs ( don’t forget Islam as a ruling system mainly came to stop them form raping their sisters and burying alive their daughters and looting their brothers properties)

G. You possess all achievements of Iranian in civilization for the benefit of Arabs quite frequently a simple search for “Iranian scholars” and matching it with your list will reveal the fact, your master piece is your inventing very funny terms like “Arabized Kurd: Salahedin Ayub” …..if you dare tell it to Kurds, they strongly believed that they are the most pure Arians.

H. Your main evidence that all nations from Morroco to Iraq are one originally one nation is that they all speak Arabic,a simple response from any average IQ to you would be that Egyptians are as much Arab as Algerian are French. Further they all speak Arabic because of Islam not anything else, there is too many accredited information available on net on studies of genetic origin of each of these countries, perhaps if you get chance in future to travel to all these countries you will meet too many tribes living with different languages and physical attributes.

I. You are ignoring totally Palestinians as part of this nation and never mention any interest to support them as part of your unity, you use them just when you need some victim to accuse some assumed enemy but never there is any expression of willing to improve their situation, no need to mentioned that recently Egypt closed the food supply channel over the Palestinians in Gaza shoulder by shoulder of Israelis.

I will apply your tactic and will use this opportunity to mention some points on my finding about your notes in web:

Searching your name "Amr Abyadon" in web has amazing result ( I suggest to other audience to try it personally if interested ) ;

1-Its seems that you are actively looking for any opportunity to show your hatred toward Persian/ Iranian by distorting history and making a fake history and try to sell it to those that might have spent less time on studying history.

2-You are pushing too hard to change the identity of people of North Africa and Middle East to Arab by force.

Studying responses of many of your audience amazingly shows that many of them especially Egyptians believe that they are Egyptians and Arab speaker but not Arab by genetic as you insist to induce in them.

3. You are providing most of the time not well supported theories as fact (do you what is the difference between theory and proven fact in Arabic Farz and Asl?)

4. You are obviously advocating war, giving legitimacy to mass killing, usage of chemical weapon against civilians and supporting terror symbols, advocating racism very close to Nazism

The quick analysis on all your comments and notes on internet will give this impression;

These all shows presence serious psychological problem developed into antisocial personality, in other words it is considered a danger for humanity, having potential to becomea terrorist or mass murderer which needs close observation and control, your hero is Saddam with incredible evidence of committing crimes ( I think you rarely have talked to Iraqis).

From other point your strong hatred towards Persians/Iranian and your eye-catching struggle to downgrade this nation possessing their achievement and pride for benefit of Arab nation have a subtle very naughty notion that you have some complex with Persians which has resulted in ill behavior and need professional interventions to guarantee your health.

An Iranian Azeri

Naj said...

Iranian Azari,

Troll Abyad has not been frequenting this blog lately! Please visit his web site and re-post your comment directly to him.

American women inventors said...

Great Post! I have seen some of your posts and liked your blog very much.