Saturday, May 17, 2008

Petraeus' failed plan

Bogus Claim, al-Maliki Stall US Plan on Iran Arms

by Gareth Porter

WASHINGTON, May 14 - Early this month, the George W. Bush administration’s plan to create a new crescendo of accusations against Iran for allegedly smuggling arms to Shiite militias in Iraq encountered not just one but two setbacks.

he government of Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki refused to endorse U.S. charges of Iranian involvement in arms smuggling to the Mahdi Army, and a plan to show off a huge collection of Iranian arms captured in and around Karbala had to be called off after it was discovered that none of the arms were of Iranian origin.

The news media’s failure to report that the arms captured from Shiite militiamen in Karbala did not include a single Iranian weapon shielded the U.S. military from a much bigger blow to its anti-Iran strategy. ... read more


Brother Tim said...

If the truth were to be known, most, if not all, of those arms and weapons, carry 'Made in the USA' labels. What an embarrassment that must be!

Utah Savage said...

Naj. I love you too. I will get back to serious blogging as soon as I put my house in order, but every time I see you in my comment's thread, I get a little shiver of pleasure.

Another great post. If you aren't already on my blog roll, you will be in a minute.

Larry said...

This is another lie to war with Iran like the lie to war in Iraq.

Nothing is sacred with this outfit. Especially the truth.

Utah Savage said...

Naj, the Novel Maggy, starts with the first chapter called Gifts from Maggy and the next chapter is In the Beginning, and on from there, in sequence.

I too wish I could publish it.

MarcLord said...


Hello, thanks for posting this. The "Arms from Iran" meme the Bushies keep pushing is really exasperating. I wouldn't be surprised at all if Iranian arms found their way into Iraq--but in the shoes of the US leadership, why chance it? At least go to the effort of planting them there if you want to start a war over it! These people are so stupid and lazy they don't even do that, and wait to look like idiots all over again.