Sunday, May 11, 2008

Environmental Art Fest: Peace in the Persian Gulf

For more pictures: Please visit Riverart.


RickB said...

English River Art link

I think the plane being washed away and the red earth are really quite brilliant.

Naj said...

Thanks Rick, I couldn't find the English version and thought it's not upped yet!

goatman said...

This is just wonderful.
I am working on an Iran post for my blog and would like to use the middle photo if it would be alright.
Also I have photos of the Shahyaad Monument in Azadi Square which I will use to show modern architecture. Is it possible for one to gain access to the top of the monument? It looks like an observation area at the top with windows.
I am also looking into older Persian art for a nice example of that. Using google, of course; And whatever else I can find, or someone suggests . . .

Looks like Hillary is on the way out! Good riddance. We are just hoping that Obama isn't shot between now and election day.

Best to you my friend.