Friday, June 6, 2008

Pedestrian on Sidewalk Lyrics

The previous post spawned a little discussion between divajood and I.
Pedestrian joined in and produced a very passionate post; asking the good folks of the White/Zionist/"civilized" world a few lovely questions:

Life's Playground

I'm not ready to make nice ... why would you understand it when some bigot attacks your country singers ... and not when we, the men and women of the Middle East cry it:

I'm not ready to make nice!


MarcLord said...


here's my tardy reply to your last comment on ABH:

--Your husband must be a very smart man, I mean in addition to marrying you.

I don't want to come right out and say what I think is happening to AIPAC in an actual post...but maybe I will. The ass must be kissed, there's no avoiding it; but you will notice that Obama isn't taking money from it, and his foreign policy advisors are remarkably pro-Palestine. There is reason to believe he's setting AIPAC up, changing the ground underneath them. I can probably delve into that on an upcoming post without doing much harm. (Maybe something like "The Coming Holocaust for AIPAC??") j/k--

seriously, I haven't wanted to point out what he appears to be planning for Israel, but from watching what he's been doing under the media radar, I'm getting an idea

goatman said...

I would think that Iran has more to fear from an Israeli attack judging by the recent activities in the Mediterranean.
America is knee deep already in the battles and probably will allow a standin this time.