Saturday, April 4, 2009

13 be dar (a spring festival)

On the 13th day of the Persian new year, i.e. 13 days after the spring equinox; Iranians "must" head out to the nature; somewhere outside of home, out in the open fields; where they can BBQ, play, and "tie a knot to the grass", when making wishes.

It will be bad luck to not do so; according to tradition. On rooze-13 (usually April 1st) Iran looks like this:


Gail said...


I love festivals and barbecue! The photos are amazing, they should be in National Geographic, indeed they should.

Thank you for educating me in the most real ways.

Love Gail

nunya said...

Lovely :)

Beach Bum said...

Awesome pictures, love seeing the people out enjoying the spring weather. Got my daughter and myself out to the park this afternoon for the same reason.

Georg said...

Very interesting pictures about everyday life.

I am quite astonished to see that even in Iran, so far down south, the trees don't carry leaves. Same as here. It's just beginning. Our cherry tree - coming originally from Persia - will be in bloom in three or four days.


nunya said...

Hey sweetums, the book finally came in. Got time for a book club again, or are you too crazy busy?

It's only 200 pages and it's not printed in a tiny, almost blinding font. It also looks like I wont have to camp out right next to the dictionary.

bijan said...

Great post Naj! I love the pix :-)

goatman said...

Your country is beautiful, and I love the everpresent ancient-history (as you can tell by my many posts on the topic).
Maybe someday my dream to visit will materialize.
Till then I am glad to have this internet and blogging to connect me to your world.

Anonymous said...

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