Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Shah of Iran (1974) on the Power of the Israel Lobby on American Presidents!!

THIS, I never knew! No wonder he got toppled, by Jimmy the Carter!


nunya said...

You've got nothing to say about the Roxana Saberi case?

I'm surprised. I thought you were a Shirin Ebadi fan?

April 22, 2009
Shirin Ebadi to Defend Roxana Saberi

Naj said...

Nunya: are you familiar with the concept of "relevance"?

Yes I have things to say about Saberi. But what has it got to do with being a fan of Abedi?

Do you ever "think" or just click and paste? ;)

Naj said...


MarcLord said...


thanks for the heads-up. what a great interview he gave. it's easy for me to criticize him for being a puppet but this proves he was not.

the obvious event to prompt Israel's wrath was the nuclear power plant being built. the timing of this overthrow was perfect for Israel, in that it was about a year from being ready.