Thursday, January 7, 2010

Pictures explain why Hosseinian, the self-acclaimed fundamentalist killer, admits to his political impotence

Three days ago, Rouhollah Hosseinian, an ultra-conservative with direct involvement in chain murders, with a track record of high rate of death penalty verdicts handed out when he worked as a judge, before becoming the parliament representative from Tehran, put forth a motion to expedite process of execution of the "moharebs". 36 MPs signed the motion.

Almost immediately, the motion was rejected and criticized by other conservatives; and ridiculed by a massive electronic campaign where various iranian bloggers and twitters announced themselves "mohareb" and stated their readiness to be executed after these expedited court sessions! (the significance of this electronic campaign was in that it started immediately after the ministry of intelligence announced they had a major crackdown of the "leaders of conspiracy", aka bloggers!!)

Today, Hosseinian has written a long resignation letter in which he admits to marginalization of his fundamentalist and hardliner approach. The letter reads like a victim's lamentation, and acknowledgement of defeat. Like good mullahs, he is claiming to recognize his inefficiency, his political death, and he announces his resignation from politics to a mosque corner. I post a couple of pictures together with translation of excerpts of his resignation letter that explain what causes his depression!!

امروز خود را ناتوان‌تر از همیشه می‌یابم. هر اقدامی آغاز كردیم با رقابت پیچیده پارلمان تاریست‌های حرفه‌ای نقش بر آب شد. جناح اصلاح‌طلب نزد رئیس عزیزتر و ارزشی‌تر شدند و هر روز ما مطرودتر و بی‌خاصیت‌تر.

Today, I find myself more incapacitated than ever. Any action we began, was foiled by complex rivalry of seasoned parliamentarians . The reformist wing became dearer and more valuable to the Speaker, and we became more rejected and more ineffective.

امروز مردمی كه دنبال صد هزار تومان وام می‌گردند ناگهان چشم باز می‌كنند ده‌ها میلیون تومان بیت‌المال به جیب هنرپیشه‌هایی می‌ریزد كه نه دل در گرو اسلام دارند و نه در گرو حتی این كشور و بدتر ناگهان تصویر آنها را در كنار هم باید شاهد باشیم و هیچ‌كس هم اخم نكند؟ چرا مأیوس و سرخورده نباشم.
Today, people who have to run after a 100$ [100,000 Toman = this amount of money bus you 15 kilos of red meat] loan, open their eyes to millions of tax-payer's money going to cinema actors who have no loyalty to Islam, nor even to this country. And worse, we suddenly have to see their pictures together. Shouldn't we frown? Shouldn't we get disappointed and disillusioned?
[In this picture, you see Hedieh Tehrani, the Femme Fatal of the Iranian cinema, with Rahim Mashaei, Ahmadinejad's best-man/boyfriend/advisor, for whom he got into trouble with Khamenei since day one. This man has dubious background and is suspected to be a zionist operator. He also has strange views about proximity of apocalypse and return of the messiah!]

من خود را سرخورده و شكست خورده می‌بنیم كه كسانی در دفاتر مسئولان نظام جمهوری اسلامی حاكم شده‌اند كه 180 درجه با رهبری نظام زاویه دارند. چرا احساس یأس و شكست نكنم كه با همه فداكاری این مردم معتقد و ولایتی در این نظام كسانی نصب می‌شوند كه تا ثریا فاصله با رهبری نظام دارند كسانی كه در این فتنه تا جایی كه احساس ترس نكردند از حریف حمایت كردند.

I feel defeated and disappointed when I see people who are running the offices of the Islamic Republic differ 180 degrees with the leadership of the regime (nezaam). Why shouldn't I feel hopeless and defeated that despite all sacrifices of these velayat-devoted people, people are assigned to these [posts] who are separated from the Leader by astronomic distances, people who as far as they didn't feel threatened for themselves, supported the opponents in this conspiracy [means protests].
[in this picture, Hashemi Rafsanjani is sitting together with soem ultra conservatives such as Ahmad Khatami who up to last Friday have been calling for massacre and arrest of all political opponents and Mohammad Yazdi a major figure in vote rigging and the one who recently "fired" the opposition senior cleric Sane'i from being religious reference. (Of course he was soon reminded by Hashemi Rafsanjani that such orders were not in his authority!) . Despite DEEP fractions, they pose in a laughing amicable mise en scene for cameras, as part of the "concession and reconciliation" scenario, that has been playing out since release of Mousavi's 17th statement.]

P.S. why do I call him self-acclaimed killer? Because he was VERY defensive of Saed Emami, called him "shahid" (martyr). More on his killing aspirations in persian.


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... sound of ice cracking...??

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Nah ... don't buy Mullahs, they are pathological liars!

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What are the chain murders?

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Hi Lola, See here:

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What are the chain murders

I may say Naj don't agree but the factual what happens on the ground telling more likely that the truth.

These as same guys who came from Iran to help Americans occupation in Iraq, they graduated from those Mullah masters and patched promptly to Baghdad in 2004 to do the dirty sectarian killings, assassinations and kidnapping of iraqs.