Thursday, September 10, 2009

A translation of Mashayee's views (Ahmadinejad's best man)

We did a revolution in 1979 to export the Islamic revolution. But I tell you here, the era of Islamism is finished.

And there is more recent talks when Mashayee Ahmadinejad’s Chief of Staff spoke at the ceremony introducing the new minister of science, attended by public and academic figures. (Source, Facebook's green translation team )

Excerpts of his speech were originally published by state-sponsored Mehr News.

According the Mehr News reporter, on Tuesday night at the ceremony in Shahid Beheshti university held in honor of departing of Mohammad Mehdi Zahedi, Minister of Science and Higher Education in the ninth administration, and introducing the new minister of science, Kamran Daneshjoo, Esfandiar Rahim-Mashaii [Mashayee] pointed out that science is made of light:
“I don’t want to be philosophical; I am telling this from the heart. God didn’t create man because he owed him, apparently God owed this to himself [the creation of human being].He wanted to be recognized; he had to create somebody who was able to recognize him. The importance of man is because of the science and the knowledge, if you take away the science then you take away the human being and if you take away human being, you take away God himself.” [yeah this sounds very philosophical and plausible, if you are a mystic, but wait, more is coming!]
In other part of his speech, President’s advisor emphasized on science and said:
“Imam Mehdi [the hidden imam] is not a prophet that can be expected to do miracles. We all agree on that! But, if somebody comes along to fulfill his [imam’s] historical duty that is already thousand and hundreds years old, won’t people ask him for a proof or evidence? Most definitely they will. I was thinking that if Imam, returns today, tomorrow, after 10 years or after 100 years, would people ask him for a proof or evidence? I doubt that they won’t [and take his word for it], but what is that proof? I thought about it and came to this conclusion that if people ask him for a proof it will be science.” [When you read this you have to be SURE that this is a pretext to declare Ahmadinejad or himself as Imam Zaman!! Mark my word, wait and watch!]

He proceeded by saying “people will demand science from him as a proof of his authenticity and to make sure his claim is genuine. Science is defined by 27 credits. [What the hell??!?!] Two credits remain till his time. Every mathematician knows that the equation of science growth is not linear and whatever there is in science is from the recent time, this means that he has to only introduce one unit of science and that one unit is incomparable to any science during the entire human history."

Also, regarding the change in the Ministry of Science Mashayee said:“It might look like a change but this is nothing but enforcement in power and resources. Dr. Zahedi [outgoing minister who met with his Israeli counterpart (see this)] and Dr. Daneshjoo [upcoming minister who faked a UK-issued PhD degree] have the same ideas, thoughts, beliefs and goals, who are on the same race track and are continuing the race with new force and in high speed.”


Azarmehr said...

Well done, this sort of things needs to be done so the world understands who is in power in Iran and of course the answer to your question is Yes.

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Thank you Azarmehr for doing the translation.

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More on delirium :

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Thanks dominique; the first link is indeed a link to azadmehr's blog. It's very important for aNYONE to know these things!