Thursday, June 3, 2010

72 Iranian Intellectuals in Exile condemn Israel's recent actions

What this list confirms is this : the signatories are not AIPAC/AEI subsidiaries.
Not all, but many of these individuals are ardent opponents of the IRI.

Ervand Abrahamian (Historian)
Nasrin Almasi
Kaveh Ehsani (University Professor)
Mohammad A'zami
Bahman Amini
Mohammad Borghe'i
Ali Porsan
Foad Taban
Mehdi Jami (Writer, filmmaker)
Ramin Jahanbeglou (Political scientist)
Houshang Hasan-Yari (Economist/political scientist)
Behrouz Khaligh
Hamid Dabashi (NYU Professor)
Mostafa Rokhsefat
Sa'id Razavi-Faghih
Hossein Zahedi
Bijan Shahmoradi
Masoumeh Shafi'i
Shahla Salehpour
Behzad Karimi
Reza Allamehzadeh
Reza Fani-Yazdi
Masoud Fathi
Hosein Ghaziyan
Firouz Ghoreishi
Maherangiz Kar (Human rights lawyer)
Naser Kakhsaz
Kazem Kardavani
Ali Keshtgar
Abdee Kalantari (Historian)
Hossein Kamali
Taghi Kimiyaee-Asadi
Effat Mahbaz
Ali MirSepasi
Ghafour Mirzayee
Mohsen Namjoo (Musician)
Mehdi Nourbakhsh
Shahin Najafi (Musician)
Farhad No'mani
Mohamadreza Nikfar (Philosopher)
Mohsen Yalfani


kk said...
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Naj said...

Hi KK; thanks! I don't have your contact info though; How about asking A for my email?

nunya said...

They are not the only ones. I'm pretty fed up with Israel's bullshit.

Don't jump on me about our "democratic process" please, we don't elect pro-Israel lobbyists, and it seems to be a non-starter for any national politician who is critical of Israeli policy. There is a lot of shit that propaganda has hidden from the American public up until the digital age.

I'm hoping some important changes can be made in the latest election, at least on a statewide basis. Many good things start in California dudette, lol.