Tuesday, June 1, 2010

That which will go down in history books as the massacre of Flotilla

As usual, Israel responded to stones and batons, thrown in self-defense by innocent men and women under aerial siege by perhaps the best of the commando forces on the planet, with unmeasured live fire!

As usual, many died and Israel and the bitch in chief Hellirry Clinton didn't wink. In the meantime, the apologist media tried to provide "objective and unsentimental factual news"!

As usual, there were only the Iranian-Americans of my facebook friends who reacted to the event. At the same time, the Iranian-Iranians were busy with desperate calls for attention to the 6 years jail term and 74 lashes for the university professor Sara Tavassoli--the common sentence of attending a protest; or to more school teachers on death row, or to the depressive tale of children of the victims of the IRI massacre; people ending in cold blood for demanding a fair and open counting of their votes.

As usual, the Left-leaning non-Iranian "activists" started crying Murder/Massacre; started forming "action" groups and started clicking "like" buttons. Their indignation is praise-worthy especially since these same individuals have been willfully ignoring the IRI killings, 100 times in scale of brutality and unjustness and directed against the own population. (I wish to ask these enlightened activists of the pro-palestinian/pro-IRI inclination: does it have to be an Israeli act of crime to justify using the word massacre? The killing of AT LEAST 70 people for participating in a rally in Tehran is not a massacre?)

Within hours of the Flotilla massacre, Khatami, Mousavi and Karoubi, who are the leading figures of Iran's green movement condemned it, each with a personal statement of their own.

Also, Khamenei, the infamous violator of the Iranian human's right, grinned his teeth to the international "defenders of the human rights" (such as the bomb-bomb-bomber McCain and his ilk, who have desperately tried to leech on to the green movement--and have failed miserably togeher with their Iranian-American rookies) and said: "the most pressing human rights issue of the world today is Palestine." He compared Israel's actions to those of his and said: "this crime showed that Zionism is more violent than Fascism!"


Beach Bum said...

...perhaps the best of the commando forces on the planet, with unmeasured live fire!

When I first heard the news I did not believe it. Not because I believe the IDF is all warm and fuzzy wanting to use minimum force and non-lethal methods to save lives. Honestly I believe it was an attempt to trigger more violence.

If they wanted, they could have easily taken those ships without firing a shot.

Anonymous said...

PaintBall Guns ?The IDF cammandos were too lightly armed to confront folks who regard the suppression of Jews as a religious right, and the destruction of Israel as their life's goal.But the results may have worked out for both sides :The IDF was VERY lucky not to have lost any men, and the Israel Haters got some blood for their political theater.

AIG said...

I have always wondered also why the left is more motivated to act against Israel than against the current Iranian leadership. What do you think is the reason for this?