Thursday, August 5, 2010

17 withering away in Evin, entering the 12th day of dry hunger strike ...

Please see International Federation for Human Rights
Their names are:

Majir Tavakoli (this is his second strike. He is suffering ulcer, and kidney failure). He is the brave engineering student who stood up and called Khamenei to task. He is the one who was arrested and forced into women clothing. Iranians responded to this media scandal by wearing a veil, and starting a media counter campaign of "I am Majid".

Bahman Ahmadi Amooei, journalist,
Hossein Nourinejad, a journalist and member of the Islamic Iran Participation Front,
Abdollah Momeni, a student and Spokesperson for the Bureau for the Consolidation of Unity (BCU)
Ali Parviz, a student
Hamidreza Mohammadi, an activist
Jafar Aghdami, an activist
Babak Bordbar, a photojournalist,
Ebrahim (Nader) Babaei, a civil society member and a veteran of the Iran-Iraq war,
Kouhyar Goudarzi, a human rights defender and blogger,
Keyvan Samimi, a journalist,
Mohammad Hossein Sohrabi Rad, activist,
Zia Nabavi, a student,
Ali Malihi, a student,
Majid Dorri, a student,
Gholam Hossein Arshi, a demonstrator
Peyman Karimi Azad, demonstrators.

In solidarity with the Evin prisoners on hunger strike, a number of Iranian refugees (most journalists) were planning to go on hunger strike in Paris. Interestingly, the Iranian embassy pressed charges on the high profile individuals; and they were indicted by the French court. Of course, the activists pledged to use the court appearance as a platform to raise awareness about deplorable condition of fellow journalists and political prisoners in Iran. But I can't find anything in English; so I guess it didn't.

There is a facebook group, trying to raise awareness ...

I hate for this cause to be picked by the McCain gang of human-right-defense torjan war horses .. but 5 of these prisoners are in very bad condition ... everyone is urging them to stop the strike ... knowing that it is he regime's dream that they self-execute ...
I just want you to know ... no; I don't want you bomb us into liberation!


AIG said...

As an Israeli I have a question for you. If your government has no problem treating its own people with such contempt and cruelty, why are you so sure that this government if it had nuclear weapons would not use them directly or through a terrorist third party against Israel? The Iranian regime are ruthless towards their own people. How can we trust they will not be ruthless against Israel?

Anonymous said...

dear Ms. Naj,
"bomb us into liberation"
I DO wish you'd quit worrying about this.McCain is,at most, only 50% Republican,but the Pistol Packin' Right isn't nearly as trigger happy as you seem to think.
We may even be better allies than the O-Pologizer in Chief.

Naj said...

Dear israeli;
the Iranian regime is not brutal to everyone, only to those who are threatening to it.
No country these days is capable of or willing to use nukes.
The most brutal and international law breaking army of recent years has been israel.
The one who has threatened Iran ans it's neighbors with Actual words and acts of mitary action is israel.
The one who owns nuclear warheads in the region is israel.
Do the math.
Iranian regime doesn't come out half as brutal to others as does israel.

AIG said...


Thank you for your answer. As you can imagine, I am still far from convinced.

It is a pity that you do not acknowledge the ruthlessness and brutality of your own regime even to those it only suspects of being against it not only those that actually threaten it. Your only defense is to attack Israel, which is no defense at all.

I understand that you do not want Iran to be attacked and believe me that this is the last thing I want too. Unfortunately, if you are an indication of what moderate Iranian attitudes toward Israel are, it only raises my fears that Iranians are not seriously willing to address our legitimate fears and find a peaceful solution. I do not think you are helping your cause.

Naj said...


if you enjoy delusional fears, I cannot stop you!
The world has always suffered in the hands and for the causes and fears of schizophrenics, megalomanic, and psychopaths and sadists. Right now all of them are running Iran and Israel. Screw then all!