Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Assassination of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad?!

Yup; his wish to go down the history sewage with full glory of an attempted assassination was about to come true. (media-watching and updating below; the contradictions of IRNA and FALSE news are getting hilarious!)

Two days ago, after a significant amount of finger pointing at this, that and the other; and telling the west that looloo (genie) has taken the mameh (boob); meaning that middle east's breast is not to feed the west's brats, he also predicted that the Zionists are plotting to assassinate him!

Because this gentleman is such a zionist insider, and has so much insight into their intentions, in fact about an hour ago a hand grenade was thrown at his motorcade, hitting the car carrying journalists, the profession that these days has low life insurance, the less journalists/reporters, the happier the goons. There is smoke and blood; and of course Mahmoud the Zioniser is just dandy and undead! They say the "terrorist" is arrested.

12:28 PM local time: Parliament news reports the grenade blast
13:11 PM local time, Irna has reported on his speech in Hamedan, but no mention of assassination.
13:34 PM Iran local time: Curiously, no report on Fars News site yet (after an hour of the news announced on Al Arabia, although the news is not tagged for time on their site) 13:34 PM Iran local time.

This silence means they are regrouping for a new oppressive strategy, or that they are caught by surprise and Mahmoud hasn't had time to instruct them Gobbelly?

First Fars News report emerged at 14:07, snapshot below:

Now things are getting funny, because while Fars News, Ahmadinejad's official propaganda reports teh attack, his english pipe, pressTV is denying the news:

Now this is IRNA's news (at 16:05 local time): "The fire cracker of a joyous Hamedani lad leads to [media] excitement"!

As I said, they seem to be trying to figure out a strategy! Fars News has not updated the previous news. Whether this was an assassination or not, at this point, is less important than the obvious ahmadinejadist-media confusion on the matter! Initially, they had to decide between two narratives:

The "beloved" president came close to an assassination attempt.
The "mighty intelligence office" failed to stop an assassination attempt.

It seems they have chosen the third alternative: "there was no attempt"; "there was no arrest"; "there was no injury" ... as reported initially! I won't be surprised if the orders for this version of the story came from the Khamenei office. Khamenei cannot afford to appear weak; nor can he afford giving Ahmadinejad the martyr/hero status he was hoping for by predicting his own assassination by "zionists infiltrators".

24:00 Local time:
And to conclude this: I have surveyed the Iranian bloggers, who are united in mocking Ahmadinejad and attributing this even to one of his half-assed publicity stunts in which he has attempted to prove, to his brainless followers who consider him the sign of the messiah, that his prediction of a zionist attempt on his life is validated!

I stay by my analysis: the higher-up has ordered him to close the act and let this pass ...

What a nonsensical farce is this man ... i can't help sweating in agony and embarrassment.


Beach Bum said...

Well, this is what happens when you talk trash about Paul the Octopus like he did the other day. You don’t mess with very successful football predicting cephalopods.

Pedestrian said...

whatever his faults,

واقعا خوشحال هستم که در کشوری زندگی میکنم که خداوند به ما رئیس جمهور هوشمندی را، البته با اکثریت آراء، عنایت فرمودند که توانستند با تدبیر خود لولوهایی را به استخدام درآورند که ممه های این مرز و بوم دیگر به دست غربی ها نیفتد!

For that, and much more, he has my non-vote next election season! ;)

Naj said...

Laugh out loud ...
But we should not get distracted from the tragedy of the prisoners on hunger strike

Pedestrian said...

I know :(
That's what I'm writing about right now. This stuff is all distraction, but funny and idiotic nonetheless ;)

Naj said...

ped, you know of the campaign of "i am a prisoner relative too", right?

Naj said...

Beach, it just occured to me; Ahadinejad's animosity towards the octopus stems from his insecurity about another slimy creature having attracted the absurdist media attention.

Naj said...

occurred ...

Beach Bum said...

Ahadinejad's animosity towards the octopus stems from his insecurity about another slimy creature having attracted the absurdist media attention.

Oh no, if that's the case Paul better go in heading because there are a bunch of American politicans the same way.

Pedestrian said...

naj, no! I just know that everyone was supposed to go on hunger strike this monday.

But I'm afraid that this hunger strike is not getting any attention at all. I mean, I compare it to all the attention Akbar Ganjni's got ... If I didn't intentionally follow the news on it, I wouldn't even know what's going on. Some of my friends in Iran don't even know about it.

Pedestrian said...

or do you mean that their relatives are also going on strike? ... that I know about!