Sunday, August 8, 2010

Arjang Davoudi's critical condition

Arjang Davoudi (also spelled as Arzhang Davoodi ارژنگ داوودی) has been in prison since 2003. He is an ardent and vocal activist; he was sentenced to 15 years of prison; and 74 lashes for having dared to spoken to a Canadian journalist, who worked on a documentary (Forbidden Iran) about the death of Zahra Kazemi (an event that crystallized the rift within the ranks of the IRI, as it happened under international watch, during the presidency of Mohammad Khatami, and highlighted the venomous powers of the hardliners who have now stolen the power in Iran. It is over Zahra Kazemi's death that Canada and Iran relations fall apart.)

Arjang has not been silent in prison: he secretly wrote a book about savage tortures he endured and there is also a video clip he has made from Evin prison, speaking in English, to the world community, reiterating his hopes and struggles for Iran (video is posted in 2008). He protested to the recent execution of the innocent Kurd prisoners with a poem. He also raised a warning flag when Ali Saremi's death sentence after over two decades of imprisonment was upheld. For being such a noncooperative prisoner, he has been punished by being sent to horrendous prisons in Iran's southern provinces; reserved for the most dangerous of felons: murderers. Nevertheless, he has kept writing his letters and having them heard. His cause is simple and within the realm of the existing constitution of Iran:

"... establishment of a civil society in Iran, which will uphold:
1. Freedom of Speech
2. Freedom of the press
3. Freedom to inform
4. Free elections
5. Freedom to assemble and to peacefully protest
6. Freedom of political parties and groups."

He is one of the prisoners on hunger strike and in critical condition. This is the second time he goes on huger strike. Last time was 2008 (he held on for 51 days, his demand was to be handed in a copy of his charges and sentence.)

According to his wife Nazanin Davoudi, the reason for his current strike is: "protest to eavesdropping of his phone calls by prison officials as well his transfer to the solitary confinement." For this hunger strike, he is additionally punished! His scheduled family visit was cancelled a few days ago. He (56 years old) is in critical condition.


Anonymous said...

He should not go on hunger strike.

Sometimes retreat is the better part of valor.

If you can, advise him to break his fast and live to fight another day.

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Anonymous said...

dear Mrs. Naj,
After 15 months I'm still Your Least Informed About Iran Visitor,but the more I know, the more pissed I get.
I wish Pres.Obama would use his high position to add more eye-gougeing to his Iranian diplomacy : Mr. Davoodi's name, and his demands would make a good point for Obama's sharp stick.
This would require a willingness to also reference All political prisoners, including those held by some of our Best Buddies, even Israel's 10,000 Palis.
These little Fireside Chats about Iran sould just express O's affection for the charming folks of Iran, and identify ( and insult ) their oppressors as the problem.
Oh well.I'll write,but O hasn't been takeing my advise.btl