Saturday, September 25, 2010

A friend of Neo-Resistance? Then you MUST meet: Revolutionary Fesenjan

She is an Iranian woman, gorgeous like sun, intelligent and passionate and generous with her time and keyboard. She doesn't chicken out like I do; she doesn't hide like I do, she doesn't sit on her liberal ass like I do. She has not given up, like I have.

You want to understand how the so called "progressive [assholes] who meet with Ahmadinejad" are regressive? Then Read her! She lives these stuff; she doesn't imagine them! She lives them!


nunya said...

She's taking ads, who is she to rail against capitalism? The pop-ups are annoying.

Anonymous said...

dear Ms. Naj,
Thanks for the link to "RF"; I found your excellent blog thru your friend,Ms.Pedestrian. I've added Ms."RF" to my Lefty Favorites, but I doubt she'll be "friending" me.! I promise not to remind her that you sent me.

Naj said...


You are a sensible war-lover. To be honest, deep down I find the righties 'simpler' to handle; the lefties get caught up in paradox, but I love them because they advance our civilizations beyond that which seems "natural".

RF is feisty ... we have arguments too, like good sisters, all the time.

Naj said...

Nunya, what do you mean she takes adds. I see no adds on her blog! The popup ... yes I noticed, but I didn't think bloggers choose them! I am sure that is a bug or a sneaky setting ... my friend doesn't sell anything, I assure you that.