Sunday, September 5, 2010

The IRGC denounces the Quods day protofascist attack on Karroubi's home

For once I am going to believe them! They have issued a statement, condemning the attacks, denouncing that the 'pious' Basij or Sepah would have anything to do with such horrendous actions, admitting that these attacks have come from 'divisive and self-motivated' elements; and have finally cautioned that this is a time to be vigilant about any such acts that endanger the country's unity and stability.

Why do I believe them? Well, I believe one part of this. I will explain.

This news was published by the Ahmadinejadist's Fars (False/Farce) News Agency; a snapshot of which is provided in high resolution below.

The "keyword" in the statement above is "velayatmadar" (meaning people who believe in the Supremacy of Khamenei's leadrship) and "hashiye'i" (fringe), !

The IRGC states: "the brave and Velayatmadar Basij and Sepah commanders and employees of Grand Tehran condemn these mindless fringe actions and emphasize that in the current situation everyone has to act with foresight and restraint to avoid providing excuses for the internal division and conspirators."

Of course the fascist Farce news ends the piece by suggesting that the heads of the green movement have to be tried and punished in courts!

What this tells me is that on the weekend, the thugs were out to try the limits of the Green Leader's resolve. The attacks intensified right after Karroubi's wife published a letter addressed at Khamenei, holding him responsible for the harassment. Following this letter, things got worse, and Karoubi's son came out to point the finger directly at Khamenei, suggesting that the intensification of the attacks must have been Khamenei's reaction to his mothers letter. Then, things stopped, apparently be mediation from IRGC. and, Mousavi and his wife, and Khomeini's grandchildren visited Karoubi's house.

The turn of events suggests Khameni HAS intervened and has ordered Ahmadinejad back to his corner (see this article for understanding the relation between these two.) Ahmadinejad has been testing limits of Khamenei's power as well. A couple of weeks ago he appointed his infamous 'lover' Esfandiar Mashayee (for romantic photos see this :) ) as his official representative to foreign affairs. Khamenei was quick to reject the plan, and emphasize that all foreign 'communications' have to happen through the ministry of foreign affairs.

So, why do I believe that this action was not coordinated and ordered by IRGC and Basij?

Iran is a chaotic country. This chaos has gotten worse, with growth of mafia elements in hierarchies of power. When an attack of such shape and scale takes place, it takes a while for the actual security officials (police, for instance) to figure out who is behind the act, who has ordered them, and what are the connections of the attackers. This event, is a prime example of "marionette fascism"; the people who have been firing bullets at Karoubi's house burning the front door of his apartment, beating the head of his security forces to almost coma, cutting water and electricity and land phones from his house, none of them wear uniform, nor do they carry a Basij membership card. I DO believe that.

If you have lived in Iran, you have witnessed how helpless the police is when it comes to dealing with such criminals. The problem is that such criminal acts are connected to higher-ups. However, in this case, the higher-ups don't seem to see eye to eye about the consequences of this action. But, let's also entertain a conspiracy theory: the neoconservative-backed Monarchists and Mojaheds are not too thrilled about Mousavi and Karoubi's leadership; and miss no chance to undermine their legitimacy by stirring hatred about the political executions that took place when Khomeini was alive and these men were at the helm of power. Would it not be likely that these agitations are fnded by the creators of Jundollah and Al-Quaeda?!

Now, disregarding the conspiracy scenario, and focusing on the more likely case of these thugs being Ahmadinejadist puppets, why would Khamenei suddenly send his minions to "condemn" this act and the Fars News to timidly publish their statement in a non-front page?

1) Iran is completely cornered internationally; and although we have not been hearing much about it, they have been bending over their nuclear huff-puff behind closed doors.
2) the Israel-Palestine talks; and Mahmoud Abbas showing Ahmadinejad the middle finger before the world press (metaphorically)

Not all of these people who attacked Karoubi's house are there for a paycheck ... some of them are actually really brainwashed. Some of them DO believe that he is a "zionist" (which is what they were chanting in front of his house.). The Khamenei-Ahmadinejad axis is aware that as much as they can count on these hooligans to terrorize people to silence about their civil rights, that they also need to contain them. Iran's megalomanic duo (Khamenei + Ahmadinejad) will HAVE to deal with Israel-Palestine peace; and have no choice but to bite the bullet about nuclear program; this is likely to turn the brainwashed automotons against them.

Whatever the reason, they seem to have lost the battle on this front. Not only has Karoubi stood up taller and braver-offering his head but not wavering his demands; but Mousavi and his wife have shown the same courage by paying him a visit, issuing new statements, visiting more victim's houses ...

I welcome the fact that IRGC has condemned these attacks; and if Khamenei was behind this remnounciation, then he has done something "right" since all things began going wrong. it is good to know such violence is not "officially" institutional. But, should we fear these elements create conditions of infestation for a civil war? I don't think Iran is ecologically suitable for growth and multiplication of such parasites--because the "people" and their green leaders were SMART to not get their hands dirty and to not beging the chaos of retaliation. But brainwashed creatures with psychological deformities are dangerous ... let's pray everyone of those who through a stone at Karoubi's house was paid a sum!

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Renegade Eye said...

Very interesting.

Division at the top is a prerequisite to revolution. How much do you repress? How much do you grant? In a pressure cooker, you let out some steam, and potentially it can explode.