Friday, September 24, 2010

Kudos to Obama

Obama has done and exclusive interview with BBC which will be broadcast soon to Iranians, as Obama's direct reach to the people of Iran. But, I just saw a little excerpt of his statement about Ahamadinejad's 9/11 accusations:

"Mr Ahmadinejad's statements are in total opposition to the reaction of the Iranians, who were first to come out in the middle east condemmning the attack and holding candle light vigils for the victims of 9/11. His statements are a proof of how large the gap between the Iranian people and Mr Ahmadinejad is."


Obama has also rejected the notion of war.

I will post more when I hear the interview.

Obama, I feel for you! This lunatic is REALLY making it hard for you to not become a war-wager; but I am impressed by the clever response you came up with! Bravo!


nunya said...

I would love to see if it is translated properly? Thanks love :)

Naj said...

hey Nunya; I suspect it is all in English, since the IRanian reporter speaks English and O doesn't speak Persian ;) BBC world might show it somewhere i keep an eye for ya!

RickB said...

BBC english version.

(Caveat emptor: BBC Persian is funded directly by the UK Govt. in theory it is editorially independent -like the BBC world service-, but even the main BBC is interfered with by the govt.)

Naj said...

Thanks for the link.

I don't see any caveats as far as BBC Persian programming is concerned. It has a series of EXCELLENT, informative and objective programs; it gives voice to all sides of dialogue in Iran, Bahman Kalbasi even asked Ahmadinejad for an interview. When i see good programming, I cannot fear it because of some post-colonial phobia. BBC Persian deserves the award of excellence in reporting that it recently got.

RickB said...

I don't disagree that it is good, but awareness of its standing will keep things transparent and mitigate against interference by our Foreign Office.

kellie said...

Meanwhile in looking-glass land, U.S. progressives meet with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. An incredible account from the kitsch fringe.

Naj said...


oh that is just inexcusable ... but I have been watching this willful ignorance since day one ... so I am not shocked.

kellie said...

What I find striking is that these people are, not just skeptical, but consistently cynical about their own country's leaders, whatever party is in power. And yet they can be so credulous of the leadership of another country!

But it's not a new phenomenon.

Anonymous said...

she says it best

Anonymous said...

International election monitors, and human rights monitors are not welcome in Iran, but AN knows he can dance cheek to cheek with Western "anti-war Progressives".
The "anti-war Progressives"are not troubled by previous entries in AN's special guest book such as the KKK,and Malcolm X's killer.
No offense intented to those of you who consider yourselves as "anti-war" "peace activists"/ but those labels ALWAYS arouse my deepest suspicions of their integrity.