Saturday, November 25, 2006

For all crussaders ...

Of all gods,
I worship the most invisible ones.
But I don't know what to tell this crowd,
who, -- out of concern or who-knows-what -- inveigle me
to the prayer of their emperor gods!
Of all temples
I'm content with the solitude of the blue dome of sky
But this army of faith
- out of concern or I-don't-know-what
entices me to the glory of the sky-scraping cathedrals
Leave me alone!
Is my silence breaking millennia of sleepiness
that you lure me to converse?
Leave me alone!
Have I desired the gold girdle of your monks
that you decoy my soul?
In the name of which God
can I purchase your trust
that I am free from heavenly desires?!


homeyra said...

Naj, are you also a poet?

naj said...

You mean you are a poet too?

I wanted to be a poet when I was young; then I migrated; then I forgot my words; then I forgot my feelings; then I translated the feelings that I had not yet forgotten, what you see has come a convoluted path, but once I learn to type in persian I will make all of them available ...