Saturday, November 18, 2006

Iranian Jews: Choice between Iran and Israel?

In August, the Washington Post (thank you peoplesgeography) published an interesting report about the position of Iranian Jewish community in America with respect to the escalation of hostilituies between Israel and Iran.

Nahid Rahimian, 36, left Iran almost four years ago and is now in Great Neck. She said the Jewish community in Iran is allowed to worship freely, "but you could only go so far."

She dreams constantly about Iran but is getting used to life in America. For her, that includes helping Omidvar prepare Payam for his 1,000-plus subscribers. And it means wondering when the latest Middle East crisis will end.

At the end of the day, everyone just wants peace, she said.

What if the battle escalates, transforming itself from Israel versus Hezbollah to Israel versus Iran?

Some Iranian Jews refuse to entertain the hypothetical, saying it is too far-fetched. Others, apparently having heard this question before, pose one in return: "How can one choose between their mother and their father?"

Also see an older article by the Jerusalem Post on the experience of an Iranian Jewish immigrant who (even after Ahmadi-Nejad's wiping blunder!) prefers life in Iran to that in Israel!!

"I love the country [Israel], I don't like the people," stressed the young man dressed in jeans and a black kippa who said he came to Israel because of Zionism.

"I thought that here it was good. I thought that all the Jews leave their doors unlocked and no one stole. But the Israeli people are not cultured. They are rude and disrespectful. In Iran people trust each other and when they give their word they keep it. Here you need a lawyer to get anyone to keep their promise."

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Dr Victorino de la Vega said...

Hi Behem,Naj,

Check out the following blog:

That Hofman dude is a genius of sorts!

naj said...

Thanks for the interesting info!
"Chameleon Judaism", Michael Hoffman's original research on the hidden essence of Judaism's inherent epistemology of trickery ...

I just wonder why a $ sign is attached to all these seemingly seminal pieces of information?

Sophia said...

Hi Naj,

Sorry for not commenting on your last posts but I am in a rush to make some progress on one of my courses. This is what happens to people who procrastinate.
I, however, read your posts.
Keep up the good work.

Sophia said...


Just in: Seymour Hersh believes Iran will be attacked. (The New Yorker)

naj said...

Undoubtedly, the Israelies are pushing for it; but nothing in Hershe's report is really new.

I seriously doubt Israel is afraid of being wiped off by Ahmadinejad; but they are afraid of losing the stature of Middle-east's power monopoly. They are just acting like possessive and jealous children and are unhappy that uncle Sam is going to make peace with their rival :) But I am sure even uncle Sam has a limit for satisfying all of his selfish brat godson's demands!

I just had another cynical and funny thought, Seymour Hersh would be disappointed if the attack doesn't happen, since he blew the whistle about Iran first ;)

Yesterday, Ted Koppel (not very friendly towards Iran in general)and Robin Wright were on NBC's Meet the Press. They were back from a visit to Iran, and they were "convinced" that the US cannot and will not attack.

Unless they want to waste money, business opportunities with Iran, get Iraq and Afghanistan blow in their faces.

Now that said, these war mongers care more about finding a theater for their new destructive inventions. But the math doesn't work.

Behemoth101 said...

Hoffman practically on the take... this man profits from pointing out the evils of Zionism (which he calls "Judaism"). The evils of Zionism are putting his kids through college. He's just another side of the same Holocaust-industry coin.