Sunday, November 26, 2006

Worst Brand Name

ALLBLOG posted a link to Wednesday's headline news in Israel Today

According to Simon Anholt, who conducted the study (National Brand Index)
Israel's brand is by a considerable margin the most negative we have ever measured in the NBI, and comes at the bottom of the ranking on almost every question


Anonymous said...

سلام من دوست حميرا هستم. علاقه تو به ادبيات فارسي برا ي من خيلي جالب است. به خصوص موضوع صلح در شعر فارسي كه اميدوارم يك وقتي بتوانيم مطلب مفصلي در مورد آن با كمك هم تهيه كنيم

naj said...

Salam Sima,

Please ask Homeyra for my email. I am interested to hear about your project.

But yes, in this day and age of White-house/Israeli campaign of disinformation against Iran, it is imperative that we spread the word that aggression has no place in Iranian culture.