Monday, July 16, 2007

It's my birthday ...

If you come to see me
bring a lantern


Anonymous said...

And a porthole for observing the crowded happines of that lucky alley.

Happy Birthday & All the Best Wishes!

pen Name

Naj said...

Thank you Pen.

David said...

Happy Birthday Naj! :) For your birthday, I send you a finely tailored virtual Frankenstein costume to compliment your cloak, when you feel the need for an alternate monster disguise. Click here to view your new wardrobe accessories. ;)

Zeinobia said...

happy birthday Naj :)
how do you say it in Persian ??;)

Brother Tim said...

Happy Birthday, Naj, hope you have many more.

Anna said...

Happy birthday, Naj! May your hopes come true ... but not all, for not suddenly standing hopeless :-)

Btw. Thanks for the beautiful picture you choose! I like Klimt very much! Do you know his wonderful picture called "Life-Tree"?

Regards: Anna

RickB said...

Happy Birthday Naj! Hope I'm not too late, guess it was the 15th, well now you get another whole day of birthday privileges.

jon said...

Hey Naj, Happy birthday! Sorry, I didn't know until you told me ;) All the best and catch you soon.

Naj said...

Thank you all you dear e-friends and Jon ;)

I am having a great day; showered by love and affection from my family and friends (even Amre-Albino! Who dropped by to send me some birthday insults :)))

I can't use that outfit. The coat is too short; will get me in trouble with the moral police ;)

funnily, happy birthday in Iran is said almost entirely in arabic:
it will be:
"tavalodet mobarak"

Brother Tim;
I always thought I would die this year; but my next due date is age 75 ... still many years away ;)

Yes I love Klimt. I chose this one because I thought that's what I want for a birthday present :)

No you are right on time :) I posted on Iran-time zone.

You R kind :)

Anonymous said...

In fact, ancient Iranians invented the birthday celeberation: Xenophone describes that in Cyropedia - on the character of Cyrus the Great.

pen Name

betmo said...

happy birthday!!!! :)

Anon-Paranoid said...

May your birthday be joyous and filled with love. Happy Birthday.

God Bless.

nunya said...


I'm sorry I'm late with this, but


:) :) :)

FurGaia said...

A happy birthday to a very sweet soul! (Better late than never, eh?)

Coffee Messiah said...

A very Happy, belated Birthday to you! ; )

mystic rose said...

oh.. missed it ..:(

happy belated birthday. hope you had a great time.

and wishing you all the best and lots of health and happiness and love this year. :)

HopeSpringsATurtle said...

Dearest Naj,

Happy Birthday!!! I have finally begun to settle in our new home and stopped by you place just in time to wish you blessings on your ever-forward journey. You are a gift. Here's your lantern.


Loopy said...

HEY...happy birthday naj jaan.
tavallodat mobarak.

Fleming said...

Dear Naj, Happy Birthday!

I apologize for being late.

The Persian art you've been posting is incredible. I've always held Japanese art and design in the highest esteem, but your displays of Persian art (and poetry) have opened a new window for me.

Dave On Fire said...

belated birthday greetings, naj, have a good year.

Sophia said...

Happy birthday Naj. The painting happens to be my daughter's preferred painting.

Servant said...

Of course I'm bringing up the rear! Happy belated B-Day Naj.

May all your days feel like birthdays.

your servant

Sojourner said...

belated wishes naj :) many many happy returns!

i see a poll... your blog might not be the right place for it, is it? The poll might not tell you what you wanna know (even if you are a believer in statistics)...

Sojourner said...

"if you come to see me
bring a lantern"... what does that mean?

[I recently seem to be drawn like a moth to lanterns]

Naj said...

Hi Iris, good to see you and thanks for BD wishes.

"if you come to see me, bring a lantern" is a line from a poem by Forough Farokhzad.

(Pen Name translated the second line of it: "And a porthole for observing the crowded happines of that lucky alley")

Sojourner said...

poets! :)
good to see you too N.