Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Can King Abdullah walk without holding hands?

And now catch a View From the Moon


Naj said...

Credit for Georgie's picture goes to Dr V from the Middle East Memo!

RickB said...

It's sweet-

Why do birds suddenly appear
Every time you are near?
Just like me, they long to be
Close to you.

Why do stars fall down from the sky
Every time you walk by?
Just like me, they long to be
Close to you.

Naj said...


good one Rick!

Servant said...

May you burn in Hell for invoking the Carpenters on Bushit! :P

DivaJood said...

But now for something completely different. Tag. You're it. See my blog for the rules.

Fleming said...

Naj, very, very funny.

Thanks for the mention of VIEW FROM THE MOON. This is to tell you that although the great comment you sent referred to my Jehovah post, you submitted it under the Tony Blair post. I hope you will also submit it under the Jehovah post. I'll quote it there myself if I don't get the comment again.

Thanks! You're one of the best, Naj.

Dr Victorino de la Vega said...

Hi Roxie, Naj,

Sorry for my radio silence: these days I’ve become kind of an intermittent blogger!

Earlier this year, the Neocons and their Saudi Islamist partners in crime had forced George W. Bush to invest what little political capital he had left in a “21st immigration bill” that would have radically changed the cultural, religious and ethnic makeup of America…

Thanks Yahweh and Vishnu, the bill failed miserably last week when courageous senators from both side of the aisle stood up against the Neocons’ tyrannical arm-twisting:

“The vote was a major defeat for President Bush, dealt largely by members of his own party […] Bush has now lost what is likely to be the last, best chance at a major domestic accomplishment for his second term.” [Washington Post, June 28 2007]

Sums up the current situation pretty neatly.

Keep up the good work.




- Roxie,
Re: Iran, I think they’re just a bunch of amateurs in the field of Islamic fundamentalism- more KKK/White Supremacist types than mechanized Nazi hordes.

I think your blogging friend Ronando is right: the real “Islamo-Fascists” are actually found in Riyadh, Mecca, Jeddah, Islamabad, Ankara…as well as London, Liverpool (in the inner-cities) and Washington (in the White House): “Pro-Western” Saudi Arabia is the real existential threat to our civilization.

You can be certain that Al Qaeda and the Wahhabi terrorists in our midst are real happy to see Bush and Cheney focus their fake ire on Teheran while treating the Saudis as a “strategic partners”.

- Naj,

Interesting photo-montage indeed.
The Saudi monarch gives his left hand (a Satanic symbol in Mohammedan theology) to Ahmadi-Najad and his right hand to Bush!
Check out Roxie’s blog:

pissed off patricia said...

Bizarre. Is it the custom or what?

Servant said...

:D I was kidding with rickb, who provided the lyrics from one of my favorite teen love songs from Richard and Karen Carpenter - The Carpenters. I used to sang that song when I was in chorus in grade school.

Blasphemy to put these dear musicians near Bushit in any context!


Naj said...


Sorry, I am never sure where I am leaving a comment. I will do some editing shortly.

Dr V
KKK and Iranians? Sorry, with all due respect for you and with all due resentment towards some of my islamo-fascist compatriots, I think you are mistaken to draw any such comparison.

I will drop by at Roxie's place soon.

Yes the Saudi Arabian's custom of holding hands in order to walk! ;)

There, I learned something new!

Dr Victorino de la Vega said...

Of course I mean the Iranian regime!!

Naj said...

That's what I mean too; the Iranian regime is NOT a racist one! Mafiose maybe, but supremacist? Not by and large.

And the whole clash with Israel is a clash of power. Israel is the leverage to make Iran an Islamic superpower. Just like Israel needs enemies like Iran to pump itself with America's financial/political support; Iran needs Israel to pump itself with Islamic political support.

Naj said...

Dr V,

Gave your Roxie a try. She is a typical brainwashed chicken, it seems. Not worth my time, more than I gave it already!

Naj said...

But I do encourage my American friends to take a look at the Shades of Red and Blue, if hey think that George Bush is their only problem!

RickB said...

Yes it would be blasphemy should the song be polluted by such associations, so I provide this to re-cutify the song:-

Naj said...

> Rick Re-cutification

Anonymous said...


My male friends and I used to hold hands when we were in high-school.

In India also men hold hands to this day.

In Italy, in Greece, in Russia, in Romania and in France you also could see women walking with arms locked.

In Korea, China, and Japan you can see women holding hands.

And if you search old photographs (before 1950) in US & UK you will discover an occasional photography of men or women holding hands.

Your culture now is a neo-Pagan one in which all forms of touching has become sexual. That's the chief reason that the human practice of touching has died in your societies.

pen Name

Naj said...


I think you are over-focused on sex!

This post is not about physical touching, it's a comment on political hand-holding!

Anon-Paranoid said...

The military is now accusing Iran of involvement in the January attack against a military or maybe it was a police compound.

That's the one were American soldiers were taken and later found dead.

I fear the worst is yet too come. Both houses of congress refuse to impeach the war criminals running our country and if they take us to war with Iran {which I feel is highly likely} there will be much blood spilled on all sides.

I would suggest you prepare yourselves for the worst case scenario.

Good luck and God Bless.

Naj said...

Well Anon,

What can I say? Iranian's are on a state of high alert ALL the TIME. Those who should prepare themselves for the worst are Americans, I am afraid.

That said, nothing will happen! Do not panic! :)

Anonymous said...


Sex is always on my mind, it is not on my agenda.

I suppose I misuderstood you & others.

pen Name

Servant said...

Awwwww! Kitties get me right here ever time. Just look at those faces.

My cat owns me.

Servant said...

Regarding above mentioned bucket of maggots - what can I say?

You put it best in one of your comments I can't find right now. Israel needs Iran to keep stoking the Global War Against Sanity. And Iran leaders uses Israel to distract attention from its own problems.

Said American maggots want to con the U.S. into pissing away all our blood and treasure for Israel's sake. We should send them the bill if they want to be so generous with other people's blood and taxes. Or better yet, they have the courage of their convictions and go live in Israel instead of the United States, since that's where their loyalty seems to be.

jarvenpa said...

what a fascinating and informative blog you have. I will bookmark it and return often.

Anonymous said...

Zebra of the House of Saud

King Abdullah is received by Louis Romanet, director general of the France Galop-managed Saint-Cloud Racecourse.

King Abdullah watches a horse race at the France Galop-managed Saint-Cloudn Racecourse

Naj said...


please do. One can never have enough poet visitors.


Holy Mackerel! What kind of an outfit is that? He looks far more presentable in his Arabic outfit!
What is this Arabic fascination with shininess though? Even the king has to be glitzy?

RickB said...

Naj, thanks for mending the url, -Blogger dammit!
Cats rule!

Ann said...

Thanks for the great chuckle. Though I like that aspect of Arab culture that sees parity between embracing men and women equally (heterosexual men kissing men in the West would generally be seen as a no-no), I do think the holding hands things is quite comical here, just from a personal point of view and with no disrespect intended to those cultures where it may be practised. Its just the sight of the Saudi monarch and King George -- since he considers himself above the law and has shredded the US constitution -- holding hands that cracks us mere mortals up. Great header too.

ddmmyyyy said...

It doesn't count! He held Bush with one hand and Ahmadinejad with the other. i think he had his fingers crossed too.